Four Paragraphs That Have No Common Thread

Love love love this stuff. Next I'll be pinning on a poultice under red flannel.

Hey, have you guys heard of this miracle in a tube called Aspercreme? It’s clinically proven for minor arthritis, joint and muscle pain relief. Also, it has three intensive skin conditioners and those intensive conditioners are aloe, glycerin and mineral oil. So not only is it good for pain relief but you could probably condition your cutting board and make a candle out of it, too.

Appearances to the contrary, the douge does not have an extra mouth on the side of his face.

The dog, who spends a lot of time fretting about things like if he’s inside while I’m outside and what is that thing moving across the backyard, was not phased in the least by fireworks.  This is odd, because he overreacts to things like thunder and strong wind noise. Maybe he was just too worn out last night after spending the day staring down cats and plastic bags.

I hope this really is thyme and not a pot full of chickweed.

I had this notion to make a casserole out of onions, thyme and potatoes. It’s a vague half-memory of a recipe I read somewhere. Maybe it was onions, thyme and cheese.  Or maybe it didn’t really call for thyme but since my thyme plant is growing like a wild thing unchecked, I try to cut some back every day. Sami announced earlier this week that he “doesn’t have a feeling” for thyme so I guess I’m going to have to lay off the stuff for a while.

I guess this is what chickens look like in Japan.

It’s taking me a long time to get used to this gas stove. I singe my arm hair every time I cook something, then I burn my hand on the pot handle.  So far, I’m not a fan. There’s an amusing chicken trivet that hangs over the stove so I do have that to console me.

10 thoughts on “Four Paragraphs That Have No Common Thread”

  1. I make this potato casserole thingy out of potatoes, onions, and rosemary/garlic. Sometimes some mushrooms fall in there, sometimes some cheese. I make no Emeril claims, although I do watch Top Chef way too more than is healthy.

  2. You can’t toast a few marshmallows on an electric stove but it works OK on the gas stove. Don’t ask.

  3. More evidence that I should never, never allow a gas stove to darken my door. I’m scared rigid of those things!

  4. 1. I love all your taglines, but “An Inconvenient Sex Poodle” is really making me smirk and chortle this morning. Thank you, I needed that.
    2. Aspercreme is scaring me.
    3. I think that is thyme. I have thyme in my yard. I never use it. I planted it under roses. I can’t seem to kill it.
    4. What would life be without the occasional amusing chicken trivet?

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