New Camera

I’ve been without an actual camera for so long, I forgot what to take pictures of. Also, I didn’t get farther from home (and it’s air conditioning) today than the deck so my subject matter is somewhat limited. Nevertheless, I inflict upon you selected highlights from my day, in pictures:

TOMATO SURPRISE – These things are the size of walnuts. Not sure what kind of tomatoes they are but they definitely aren’t cherry tomatoes.They win me over by blushing earlier than I expected them to.


DOG AND HOSTA, c.2010 – Remember the good old days when we’d take the old dog over by the hostas and tell him to lay down so we could take a picture? This is what we get now.


NIGHTMARE BEFORE 4TH OF JULY – By the time we decided to install a gazing ball, the real gazing balls were scarce and started at $75.00. This one was $12.95 at Christmas Tree Shops – clear glass with 7 stripes of red paint on it. It’s a little bit unlovely if not downright creepy but if you look at it long enough, it grows on you.


GRILLED TOFU KABOBS – because we’re like the hippies already.

EVENING SKY – Too early for the bats to come out.


PARTY LIGHTS – already broke some bulbs. It bodes ill.


LATE-NIGHT FLAMINGO. Illuminated and wireless. That’s how we do it Jersey-style.


4 thoughts on “New Camera

  1. Happy Independence Day!

    Bob by the Hostas certainly was traditional; perhaps Stedman seeks to make his own mark. Ahem.

    Love the flamingo; must find one and capture it as my own.

  2. Those aren’t tomatoes. Those are pod-aliens, just…. waiting. Perhaps the gazing ball is their mothership. And Bob is their secret leader.

  3. Love the flamingo. I have a neon one in my small collection. And I love the gazing ball. Was just wondering where you got it.

    I plant tomatoes in large pots in September here in the southern AZ desert and they are ready to eat by Christmas. Yours are looking yummy already. Could make fried green tomatoes.

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