I Would Have, Without Pictures

I would have posted a crappy cell phone picture that I took while driving except that I don’t leave my home anymore. I would have taken a  picture of what I ate for lunch except that I already ate it for breakfast. I would have shown you the obituary picture of my dead cousin except…

Because Looking It Up Would Be Too Easy

I keep thinking that I’m not as engaged with diatomaceous earth as I used to be, but I can’t remember if it’s a healthful and nutritious food choice,  an ingredient in the garden fertilizer I use or if it’s what makes my facial mask work so well.

The Wedding of the Century

Here at Cripes Suzette, we totally approve of bride-to-be Chelsea Clinton’s choice of headpiece for her gluten-free, vegan wedding. Thank goodness she came up with this idea – we just couldn’t imagine HOW she was going to get around the fact that her old face was growing back. Now if only Hillary would cover her…

Mad Men Watching Party

Q: Guess who came to the Mad Men watching party last night? A: Joan and Don. Q: Was any other Mad Men character at the party? A: Yes. Carla was there, too. Q: Guess what we had? A: Cigarettes. Q: Who is the best character on Mad Men of all time? A: PAULINE.

Exciting Personal Update

It’s not that I don’t have anything going on in my life. It’s just that I wanted to share this landmark event with you: buh bye We emptied out another jar of Classico Pasta Sauce today and so I was able to add the empty container to  my collection of drinking jars. I’m particularly pleased…