While We Were Sleeping

I am fully aware of how boring and uninteresting this post is going to be for you. Very exciting things do happen to me  but not in a good way. In fact, they’re happening right now. Nobody wants to read about that.


Hey! Who wants to see my latest Vera eBay purchase?

Before I show you, I just want to say that I know I can sometimes go overboard when I get interested in something. And I know that vintage Vera textiles probably fits exactly into that category. I have been obsessively checking the listings for napkins, place mats and tablecloths and I’ve even bought a little something here and there. But it’s all over now because last night, I achieved vintage Vera textile nirvana.

A vintage (60’s, 70’s) Vera large oval tablecloth, measuring approximately 66″ in length and 50-1/2″ in width. The fabric is 100% cotton. Each flower petal is two shades of yellow– a bright yellow and a goldenrod shade, and the petals are surrounded by leaves in two shades of green. The center of the flower is these two shades of green as well, surrounded by white circular shapes from which white buds are extending between the petals. The border is finished in green stitching, which is intact. The Vera signature and a yellow ladybug are on the lower right. The cloth is free of holes and stains. It is in excellent condition.

The size is perfect for my oval kitchen table and the colors are right on the button. I don’t ever have to buy another tablecloth because I’ll never be able to top this. It is perfection.


8 thoughts on “While We Were Sleeping

  1. I am free of tablecloth lust myself, but I do admit that’s a very pretty cover. I also just realized that in over 22 years of marriage, we have never ever eaten any meal at a dining table… wait, except twice when we had “people” over. I meant as dinner guests, not as dinner. Thought I ought to clear that up.

    • This is, in part, a defensive maneuver on my part.

      For our whole married life, I’ve had to battle with the clutter for space on the kitchen and/or dining table. During the new floor phase of the kitchen redo, the table and chairs went out and when they came back in, I banned even temporary placement of piles of mail, assorted small hand tools, CHOPSTICKS, little plastic bags full of washers and screws, Sharpies, supermarket circulars, rubber bands and post-it note pads were no longer allowed. Then I threw down a red striped tablecloth as a visual signal to reinforce that message.

      Since then, we’ve enjoyed some lovely, well-thought out meals at the table. I figure that if I ever tried going back to place mats, the table would be buried again within 36 hours.

  2. I browsed the Vera selection on eBay last week – had to giggle at the people selling Vera Neuman items thinking they were selling Vera Bradley items.

    There is a table cloth with daffodils on there right now that I really like…

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