Green Green It’s Green They Say

It turns out that little by little, I’m going green.” Green”as in hug a tree, envirogroupie, clutched tight and kissed right on the mouth by big old sexy man Al Gore. That is not my primary  intention but that sure is how it’s turning out.

First, it was my beautiful re-purposed spaghetti sauce jar that I use to drink water. People assumed that I was doing it to avoid using multiple Styrofoam cups during the day but that wasn’t it. I just like the way it looked and felt in my hand. Nevertheless, three coworkers started using drinking jars because of my example.

the is the entirety of my farmette

And of course you know that I am headed towards self sustainability because I am growing my own foodstuffs. I have a veritable farmette going on around here what with the tomatoes and my rosemary plant and wotnot.

And now, my friends, I’m laying in a supply of cloth napkins. But I’m not doing it out of any environmental concern about paper products. I’m doing it because it’s another manifestation of my obsessive desire to live in the 1970s. Question: who is the iconic textile designer of the 70s?

It’s Vera! You knew this was coming as soon as you saw those plates, didn’t you?

So the plan is to set a basket of Vera napkins on the table, use napkins ring as as they were meant to be used – as identifiers of a person’s napkin, used for multiple meals until a clean one becomes necessary. This narrows down the potential Vera purchases considerably. Most of the Vera napkins for sale on eBay and etsy have quite a bit of whitespace going on and it just seems more sensible to select those that have color on at least 50% of the surface. So these 2 melon-y napkins are it for now b ut you should know that I’m on the hunt.

So, going green with napkins.


7 thoughts on “Green Green It’s Green They Say

  1. Vera, of course. Love her stuff, especially the textiles. Table linens, silk and cotton scarves.

    My last Vera napkin purchase involved an assortment of bits and pieces that no one else wanted – all bright flowers with borders, one of this pattern, two of that, three of another, etc., that work together to look carefree, fresh and splendid on a summer table.

  2. My last Vera was a geranium napkin that someone had framed and I could never get the pin rust marks out where they had stretched it. I, too love a touch of red and thought I might could utilize it in some way, but it was a waste. Of course, I cannot get rid of it. Your melons are just beautiful.

  3. Love me some Vera, Suzette, but what I really want to discuss is the bankruptcy of the NJ Housewife, Theresa. Hoping you can break it down for us, Jersey style. Who knew $79k a year could buy all that -ok $180k- if you count the family subsidy). Help a thrifty Midwest girl out: how does this work? And why is Theresa only getting $3,333 a month from Bravo? Geez.

  4. Scarlett, have you tried rubbing the rust spots with fresh lemon juice and putting it in the sun? Might even work w/o the sun, but I know that the two together work – I used it to derust about a dozen aged embroidered white linen cocktail/tea napkins.

    Also saw judicious use of Barkeeper’s Friend rust remover, but that might seriously disturb the colors.

  5. Scarlett, that last bit meant to say “saw judicious use of Barkeeper’s Friend rust remover recommended…..”

    • Lulu

      Have not tried Bartenders, tried CLR. Did try lemon. will get Bartenders. I have quite a collection of vintage linens and will definitely get the Bartenders. Thanks!

      • Scarlett, Bartender’s is abrasive so go easy. I would go with the lemon and sunshine business if your linens are white and truly vintage – as in old.

        It may take several treatments and you have to leave the lemon juice in – I just rubbed my napkins with a cut lemon.

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