In A Suburban Kitchen on Devil’s Tower

Cooking With Suzette

Chapter1 – How to Entertain Yourself  While Trapped In the Kitchen

What a shame I had to give up my over-the-stove microwave because these old cabinets are just not proportioned to handle a thing like that. The choice was letting Sami chop up the cupboards to fit ( that was his enthusiastic suggestion – what could possibly go wrong? )  or going back to the customary range hood.

I’m so glad that we went with the range hood because of the entertainment factor alone. The underside of the hood has two 2 halogen spotlights that remind me of the spaceship landing  in Close Encounters of the Third  Kind.

Maybe I’ll cook up a big load of mashed potatoes and serve them in the shape of a national monument in Wyoming

The other reason I’m glad to have a metal range hood again is that you can use a magnet to hang up recipe print-outs right over the area where you’re working. Of course, my last stove was electric and had cast-iron plates as a cooking surface. This new gas stove might be a game changer as far as hanging paper over the stove goes, especially those fearsome POWER BURNERS.

I guess that big one in the middle is to boil up a galvanized laundry tub. I don’t plan on engaging with anything that is suitable for that much burner.

Did I mention that I always send Sami off on his own to buy appliances? The only direction I give him is to buy something white. That kind of explains things, doesn’t it?

UPDATE: The three of us that live in this house have all cooked something on this stove top now, but only on that front left burner. As our old stove gave it up one  part at a time, we were down to only one functioning burner when the decline seemed to stop. We got used to dealing with only that one burner and we can’t untrain ourselves just like that. This is going to take some getting used to. No one has the nerve to use the oven yet.


29 thoughts on “In A Suburban Kitchen on Devil’s Tower

  1. It must be said: “Now you’re cookin’ with *gas*!”

    That center burner would be perfect for the 18″ Magnalite oval roaster we use for vat-batches of gumbo, spaghetti sauce, chili, etc. (We refer to it as the “Airstream” because it looks like a scale model of those classic trailers.) Haven’t thought about having folks put their “britches in th’ bilin’ pot”, but it might work.

    And does the hood just make noise or does it really move hot air out of your kitchen?

    • I know just what you mean. I used to have a round one until the hippies made me believe I was going to get Alzheimer’s from aluminum that leached from it into my food. So I got rid of it. Damn hippies.

  2. I’d freak if my hub brought home a gas stove! They scare the heck out of me! It does look easier to clean though.
    Good luck with the landing pad. Now I have the theme from Close Encounters humming in my head!

  3. Had a gas stove, a traditional electric stove but now I have a flat-top ceramic electic stove. The best thing ever since they made guys who will come and clean your carpet.
    Self-cleaning oven!! Heavenly!!
    Spills? clean it up with a rag…no burners, no nothing.
    Extra counter space when you’re not cooking!
    Retro is only good when modern isn’t better.

    • “Retro is only good when modern isn’t better.” You are correct!
      I was thisclose to buying some vintage table cloths last night when I realized I’d either have to cover them with a layer of plastic or risk damaging them with frequent laundering. That’s not how I want to live.

  4. I’m envious…I hate this electric stove and oven. I had a ceramic flat top but that didn’t work well with the cast iron pans because of the ridge on the bottom. And couldn’t use the wok either.

    • The old stove was electric but with cast iron plates as heating elements instead of coils. It was even heating that spread evenly, just as if you were cooking in cast iron pans. I tried to look up one as an example. But I guess they don’t make them anymore. Mine was at least 20 years old.

  5. There was some family/friends discussion over Gas? or Electric? which is best. As odd as it sounds, those who had gas wanted electric and those who had electric wanted gas. huh.
    I think we all just want someone else to cook on the dang things.

    • I’ve cooked with gas all my life except for this last go-round with electric. I get why people say they strongly prefer gas – it’s because it takes far less skill and know-how to cook with gas. There were times when I felt like Kate Bradley at the Shady Rest Hotel, cooking on a wood stove.

  6. I have pretty much the same range and hood, except ours has a convection option for the oven (more buttons) and our middle burner is just regular sized.

    It’s been great, but I’d trade the convection for the griddle burner in a heartbeat.

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