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Oh, how disappointing that none of you care to wish a happy birthday to Florence Nightingale. It breaks the heart. Well, if you didn’t like that, then I don’t think you’re going to like what looms ahead.

That’s right –  we now commence repetition of the same seasonal posts that I make every year at this time, starting with my rhododendron in bloom. This year, something new has been added: they’re dying.


Some branches here and there are dead as door nails. I’m hoping it’s from the weight of all the stupid ice we had this winter and not that they are weary from dragging their 25-year-old asses into bloom every year. In the top left view, you can see that I’ve outlined in blue a gigantic poison ivy vine that’s making itself at home in there.  As if things weren’t bad enough.

Now that we have this one out of the way, I’ll tell you how it’s going to go for the rest of the warm weather:

  • plants in flower pots on the deck – new this year! herbs on the deck
  • little dog posing next to big hostas
  • rose hedge in bloom, followed shortly thereafter by mildewed rose foliage
  • outdoor lighting inside gazebo
  • close-ups of single day lily blossoms
  • birdhouse, but in a new location this year

I’ll understand if you go away until I’m over myself and start posting new content. If previous years are any guide, that’s pretty much going to be it until September.

Or is it?

I’ve got a cheery tomtato planted in a big pot on the landing of the the deck stairs. And I might decide to show you iced tea in my eBay’ed green Anchor Hocking glass pitcher. Maybe I’ll veer away from this topic altogether and talk about how my knee hurts.

And guess what? Small pieces of yellow paint have started to peel away from the sides of the urn. Wouldn’t you like to see that?

Here.  Treat your retinas to some light pollution:


20 thoughts on “Blog Wait Repeat

  1. Oh noes! I did forget to add a Happy Birthday to Flo while I was posting my comment… Yes I did forget! Do you think she’ll accept a belated Happy Birthday? Or is she going to hold a grudge and put her nose up in the air? Or will she stab me with a syringe?

    Happy Birthday Flo! Hope you’re having fun in the afterlife.

    Those are some HUGE lilac bushes! I do hope they aren’t dying. We had a rhodie last year we thought was dead. Being as I’m lazy I didn’t dig it out just left it thinking “I’ll get to it later – maybe next summer”. This year, it’s got leaves again and is blooming… strange strange plant!

  2. Sorry you took it so hard, Cripes. Forheavensake, Happy Belated Birthday to Florence. I did make a mental note of it though. I’m not sure of the proper etiquette though…should I have sent a card?

  3. The plant lies next to the driveway and near the street.
    It’s possible that during the wretched snow storms that an extra dose of road salt was piled on or near the poor plant.
    Not a good thing for greenery, salt.

    • Thinking the same thing about the road salt. She should scope out the neighborhood and check out what other plants are doing that close to the road/sidewalk.

      Belated happy birthday to Ms. Nightingale 😀

    • The plants are buffered from the street by a sidewalk but we did have a butt tonne of snow this year so it might be possible. If so, the damage is limited and temporary. Whatever – I just can’t envision my life without these beauties that I nurtured from 2 ft high plants.

  4. I’ll spare a passing thought to Flo, and the salt damage, but my main concern is the poison ivy. How does one eradicate that much of it without touching it? As you might guess I’ve never had to deal with it. As for Wyoming weather, it snowed today. There are some grape hyacinths struggling to keep their heads up. Maybe, if this keeps up, I’ll welcome the idea of poison ivy just to see something green.

    • All I have to do is get near the P.I. and it leaps onto me and makes me miserable for weeks. It doesn’t seem to bother my husband much so he always gets the job. Of course, as soon as I turn my back, he gets busy spraying weed-killer around against my wishes.

  5. Agree on the road salt theory. Poison ivy vines can be (carefully) clipped near the ground. The severed vine will then die off.

    As for your hostas, you are one of those bloom-clippers and therefore get no sympathy.

  6. I removed poison ivy from my azalea this year. I wore disposable gloves and didn’t have any issues. I also had random dead branches in said azalea bush, I just pruned them. The rest of the branches didn’t seem to notice.

    I also got flowers on my herbs this week when I wasn’t looking. Annoying!

    But no, don’t apologize for the seasonal posts! We love them, silly!

  7. Plant a magnolia next to it just to shame it into growing better.

    You might also follow my Mother’s lead and stick plastic geraniums into pots by the front step.

    Wait. Don’t do that.

  8. Thought on the Rhody – bore worms. When you clip the branch if the center is hollowed out it is bore worms. Bush can be treated but it is a timing thing and a little tricksie so you’ll want to talk to your local garden center expert (not the cutsie young thing flitting about watering and running the register) about the timing for your area…

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