If A Female Dog Is Called A Bitch, What Is A Female Cat Called?

… because this one almost t-boned me on Rt. 35.

The Cat Ass. Vehicle

You can’t really see the driver all that clearly, but let me assure you that whatever you’re imagining, that’s it. She plowed right into a moving line of traffic and then it was her bad luck that the light changed and she was stuck in front of me long enough for me to snap this picture. When we started to move again, she went straight across 35 and headed for the county SPCA.

I assume her vehicle was full of cat asses in a big hurry to get euthanized.


13 thoughts on “If A Female Dog Is Called A Bitch, What Is A Female Cat Called?

  1. Here in the neighborhood there’s a Subaru wagon that always seems to take up two parking spaces. Per the sign on the side it belongs to some one who does dog massage and dog relaxation techniques.

  2. A bitch is a certain type of animal or person. A bitch will attack you and leave you bleeding with little or no mercy. I am not a bitch, but many women are.

    I prefer cats to dogs, because an Irish Setter (who was actually a male dog) bit me on the face when I was about 3 years old. The dog, named Red, was not kind or nice. My father pulled his snarling, slobbery jaws off of me and it has caused me years of emotional trauma.

    I prefer cats to dogs. I love my cat!

  3. Cats can be dangerous as well. But animals sense things, and they know when they are being hurt. I love animals. I can’t deal with peole who hurt their pets.

  4. People who hurt their pets are awful. Like in movies when they have horses that do stunts and things – I think that’s sort of cruel.

    My aunt used to have horses, and she taught me that animals will only respect you and be loyal if they trust you.

  5. Some doggies are nice. I’ve known some nice dogs. But it’s best to avoid dogs (like people) who attack or who are mean. Some dogs are nice, but some aren’t. Avoid the mean ones all the time.

  6. Some animals are shy. Some animals are aggressive. Hormones make animals and humans go wild and sometimes “crazy”.

    I think it’s sex hormones that make animals and people angry or happy.

    Red is a sex color. It’s dangerous. Avoid people who wear the color red or drive red cars. Red is an unstable color – associated with violence, weird sex, and most things that are aggresive.

  7. Animals in the wild are shot because they are dangerous and get in the way of vehicles on the road. A deer that runs into the front of a car in winter or fall in a mountainous place could injure the people driving in the car.

    I have no problem with people who hunt., but I love my pets.

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