Bless Me Readers For I Have eBayed Again

In my defense, it’s been raining for 2 days and I got a really good deal. Anyway, I was in great need a strong focal point for the only wall with any surface to speak of in my yellow kitchen that’s in search of a personality. Get ready to focus:

forbidden fruit by vera neumann for mikasa


It’s Vera, people. The very one. THE Vera.

Here’s the thing: I’ve accepted that I’m bent on recreating my past – not my actual dreary, pitiful and impoverished past, but “building the past I should have had” would be a better way to describe it. I declare right now that I am giving up the 40s and 50s, skipping right over most of the 60s and taking the 70s full on.

I know where my platform shoes are, but where did I put my Qiana shirt?

I don’t recall why I was such a naysayer of Mikasa – in hindsight, they seem to have really had it going on. I guess I thought they were twee when I was trying with all my being to be sophisticated. Imagine it – 20 years old, Wilkes-Barre via Hackensack and landed alone in Manhattan. I was all about the black and white minimalism then.

Reflections on Disco Tex and the Sexolets coming any day now.


7 thoughts on “Bless Me Readers For I Have eBayed Again

  1. Back in the day, my mother-in-law bought us a 45pc melamine dinner set. Everything was square, including the cups. I couldn’t get rid of them, they wouldn’t break, wouldn’t burn(I tried) I hated that set of dishware. You cannot drink from a square cup.
    I finally bought myself a set that I liked, but kept the square melamine in the cupboard for years.
    I liked Qiana. It draped, flowed and didn’t wrinkle.

  2. In the early 70s my mom did a makeover on our guest bedroom and embellished it with curtains and sheets in the Vera Ferns pattern.

    I can’t say I really cared for the new linens; the design on your enchanting plate is much more to my taste.

    Reading about Vera after all this time brings back some warm memories of my mother though. (She had one of the Vera Qiana blouses, too.)

  3. Qiana…now that brings it all back. I had some mix and match outfits by Harriet Selwlyn…tank dresses, wrap around tie tops, pull on pants…all easy wear. I did basics in black but had a sort of french blue wrap top that made it different…sort of. You could hand wash and drip dry, roll it up in a suitcase and be good to go on landing. Not that I’d wear it today…too many bumps in places they shouldn’t be. But it was good back then when I was 98 lbs wringing wet.

    I like the reinvention of the past…why not?

  4. Ah, nostalgia time.

    In the late 70s we went to Europe for an 8 week journey by Eurailpass, during which I only wore jeans once (at the Austrian salt mines). The rest of the time I was well turned out for any eventuality (including some v. classy restaurants) in pants and wrap skirts and shirts with good looking unlined jackets and cardigans that fit. All in various polyester knits that didn’t look shiny. And all fit into one incredibly small suitcase that I had to tote myself. Every few days a wash day in some “character” hotel or B&B.

    All of this stuff was better on a body that could pull no larger than a size 8 off the rack…

  5. I loved the freshness of Vera prints. Still have a batch of mismatched bright floral napkins that all work together and cheer my heart. And some great scarves.

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