The Week In MOO

This week, World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ Michelle Obama flashed her cooch at a group of children and then gave it a little scratch.

graceful first lady or disgrace for any lady?

But what could it all mean? In light of these disturbing  photographs, the weekend trip being billed as a romantic getaway for the sexy romantic cool healthy fit first couple may be merely a cover story  for some stealth testing of some forthcoming elements of the new Obamacare. Oh, you think that these two will have some kind of gold-plated full-coverage super medical care while the rest of us are standing in front of the Death Panels? Nope – THEY’RE JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. REGULAR PEOPLE!

Imagine what a coup it will be if MOO will able to cure that pesky yeast infection by ingesting sweet tea and exposing that cooch to some fresh mountain air. Don’t even need a doctor! She’ll be the poster girl for physician-free Obamacare. And this is the poster:

let's move, asshat

MOO is also taking the opportunity to air out her head (be nice) by taking a vacation from her wighat. Here she is arriving in NC wearing her own hair.

knob and blob

I have to give her credit – she is consistent. Here she comes into camera view and you exhale in relief because you think “OK, it’s not flattering, but at least it’s all one color and how can you screw up a tunic and leggings?” and then BAM she turns sideways and you see she has added a horse’s tail made of nylon netting.

Reader poll:

Back to that hair:

write your own punchline

13 thoughts on “The Week In MOO”

    1. They had only chicken wings to snack on during the whole flight, the entire fight – my source told me not even peanuts to provide some healthier food. So the Obamas were starving and had to rush from the airport to the 12 bones – they could not even change clothes – Michelle must have been shaking in her leggings thinking of those saucy fat ribs dripping on her corn bread.

  1. Everyone knows that to disguise a back figure flaw (ie, a large behind) you wear something so outre’ and contraversial that it draws attention away from the above named flaw.
    If you have a frontal figure flaw (ie, a poofy belly pooch), you wear a large belt right under your bosom and no one will notice the above named flaw.
    All well-dressed women know that and, lest we forget, MO has been honored as a “best-dressed” something by many of the MSM..

  2. Has srdem65 been into the adult beverages again…..or is that a little snarky Saturday satire for those of us who are having to eat our BBQ ribs at home and find our own woods to walk in?

    1. A lovely tea with a drop of the grain is most welcome on a Saturday. ( Earl Gray with a splash of Wild Turkey)
      Everything gets all fuzzy and rosy.

  3. Actually, srdem65 is quite correct. I knew one woman who selected her hemline for the evening based on how bad a hair day she was having; if she was really disgusted with her coif, she’d be sporting a miniskirt.

  4. After 3 lovely cups of tea and things are really fuzzy, MO starts to look be-uuuu-tiii-fullll.
    Time for a nap.

  5. Olive Oyl!—help I can’t breathe! Where on earth did you find such a perfect drawing of the MOO? The legs, the arms, the hands, the hair, the feet, the facial expression, the ugly color blouse! I love it.

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