One of A Kind

I used to spend my time making festive paintings on the sides and bottoms of tin cans, but now I see that I have been missing something by ignoring the lids. Try to control your class envy because I am going to interpret this image for you.

‘Green Circles’, C. Suzette, 2010

Here we have a hand-made, heirloom quality Lazy Susan that was custom created as an enhancement for a redwood picnic table. It is the centerpiece of  an outdoor installation and can be viewed as it sits  atop a cracked  plastic flower pot finished  in matching green deck stain.

The highlight of this particular piece is the addition of a small tin can lid obtained from the private collection of well-known tomato sauce fancier,  Mr. Sami, who also donated the 8 wood paneling nails that ring the edge and transform it from a mere lid into an integral part of the artist’s statement.  Now instead of looking directly at the umbrella hole drilled into the center of the work, the viewer is free to imagine the scenes of times past and wonder about a civilization that could decorate an 8-foot wide yellow umbrella with white fringe, only to stand by in silence as sun and rain ravaged its scalloped edges and rendered it useless.

Now with the addition of the lid, the artist has created a circular statement  for the piece that  honors both the history and celebrates the future by referencing man-made shields against nature.  By clever juxtaposition of  objects old and new, the work  simultaneously  prevents the accumulation of rainwater in the vessel below and thwarts the presence of baby mosquitoes. Wrought in only round shapes, the image of the umbrella is called forward as its ghost looms over both the art and the viewer. By converting the  cast-off ruins of common utilitarian items into modern armor against the forces of nature, the artist has made a powerful statement about man’s eternal attempt to control the world around him by constant reinvention.

installation available for public viewing April 4th through September 30, 2010

8 thoughts on “One of A Kind”

  1. Tin can lids, if you find shiny ones, make wonderful Christmas Tree ornaments. We still have some from 20 years ago…you pound them with a hammer, being careful first to dull the edges (this used to be a Christmas vacation job for the kids). Drill a hole on one side and put a hanger on it. The shiny disks reflect off the lights. You can also use silver, copper or gold foil on them…the kind in thin sheets that you use with adhesive glue and tamp on with a stencil brush. We’ve used regular soup can sizes and also #50 cans (restaurant size cans) for big trees.

  2. Please! Please! My heart! I love this blog. I know…I’m not worthy. Keep up the good work!

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