Good Saturday

I painted 7 pieces of outdoor furniture today, if you include  little wooden wheels in the  “pieces” count. The weather was warm, the skies were blue and I spent the whole day outside with the radio playing in the background.

breathlessly reported news bulletin: successful people earn BONUSES !!!

It was Hate The Rich People Day on NPR today. I hope the masses get trained to despise private wealth sooner rather than later because I don’t know if I’m going to be able to squeeze this in between fretting about seriously ill children who’ve been denied access to health care and the educated professionals who are now homeless due to heartless banking practices.

Sometimes I have to use a twist of aluminum foil in the place where the radio antenna used to be and today I nailed the top of a tin can over a hole in a wooden tabletop. Shanty chic. Good thing I chose green for my private museum collection of trash pile wooden patio furniture. In case I have to grow my own groceries this year, my color scheme will go very nicely with both arugula and rhubarb.

7 thoughts on “Good Saturday”

  1. I will be glad to sing a joyful verse of the “Rhubarb” song to encourage your healthful and thrifty garden to it’s full potential.
    Uh, needn’t invite me to dinner after the harvest, thanks anyway.

  2. You are practicing that traditional frugality that used to come naturally to people who had relatives who grew up during the last depression made worse by a leftie President.

    Nowadays people are lectured about recycling on the one hand and spend-spend-spend on the other. Whenever I wire or tape something back together in order to keep using it my daughter gives me this odd look. I get actual glee from temporarily overcoming the forces of entropy, but I keep that to myself.

    Next time the kids start to act up I’m tellin’ them that the Big Bad Michelle is coming to take them away to the Dark Land of Vegetables. Booga booga!

  3. Don’t forget the rutabagas CS! If we ever have a warm, sunny day again here on my corner of the Monterey Peninsula, I’ll be able to get busy planting some lettuce, tomatoes zuchs and maybe some beans again. I am going to start some containers with new soil this week though…ever hopeful.

  4. Yah, recently we were sitting in my sister’s modest home with some friends and my sister said, “Take a good look folks, THIS is wealthy! We’ve been wealthy all this time. Who knew??”

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