New Old Things

yellow trellis

Unless you are one of my new internet dish buddies, you have no idea of the amount of delicious agony that culminated my the acquisition of this Mikasa chop plate in a pattern designed by Ben Seibel.

Of course, you remember when I was hypnotized by one glance at a stunning dinner plate. Was that only a week ago? Since then, I’ve become quite the student of Ben Seibel. Turns out that highly stylized flowers appeared in many of his dinnerware designs.

please make me stop staring

But funky flowers are not his only hallmark. I don’t know enough yet to quote chapter and verse about when each pattern was designed but I can make a pretty good guess about the decade based on the color palettes and design styles. If you look through an eBay search for Ben Seibel, you can see the colors move from pinks and turquoise to yellows and greens to what the baby boomers used to call earth tones. The patterns follow suit by changing from atomic to nature to graphic to hand-made pottery looks.

I could go on and on. As you know. But it’s Easter weekend and I have a big day ahead of me that includes:

  • giving the dog a bath
  • rotating the area rugs
  • pulling out the Stangl for Easter dinner
  • painting two deck chairs
  • scrubbing all of the bathrooms

And then I’ll have lunch.

Saturday mornings just brim with optimism, don’t they?

So the Yellow Trellis pattern is on its way to me. I plan to use it as a tray to convey martinis and margaritas around the deck this summer. Can’t you just see it?

5 thoughts on “New Old Things”

  1. It’s the perfect margarita-bearing plate. However, I see the blue one as more martini-ish.
    Damn my stick-in-the-mud traditionalism!

  2. The mental image of al fresco summer cocktails presented on that cheerful plate is making my Saturday morning brim with optimism.

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