Three weeks ago, we were looking out at a foot of snow with a 2″ ice crust on top, thinking that spring time was a long way away.

Two weeks ago, we stood on the deck and looked up into the attic through a hole that was created when heavy ice and snow pulled the gutter and fascia board away.

One week ago, we held our breath as March roared in on the wings of a nor’easter that blew through at 50 mph and brought 6″ of rain with it, headed straight for that hole in the attic.

GAF Williamsburg Slate

Today we have a new gutter and fascia board and the best looking roof on the block. I stopped at the garden section of Home Depot on the way home from work and overpaid x2 for a plastic bowl full of pansies.  They were worth every penny.

The dog is amusing himself by rediscovering the rags and bones in the yard that were hidden from his sight for so long  and chewing on tar paper and old asphalt shingles. Tomorrow, I’ll pop some extra glucosamine/chondriotin, pull on my knee brace and rake the little sticks and pine needles that floated in on the rainwater.

I’ve got nothing to complain about.

Spring fever, we gots it.


11 thoughts on “Fevah!

  1. It’s picking up springlike around here too. Except we’re celebrating by killing the wasps that somehow are invading the kitchen.
    Spray squish stomp repeat.
    We’re winning, though.
    The pansies look so nice.

  2. It’s been unseasonably spring-like for the past two weeks — what we like to call the “false spring” here in southwestern Montana. It started snowing at about 10 last night and continued until 1 this afternoon.

    We only got about 2 inches of rapidly-melting accumulation but I’m getting twitchy for spring, and I’m sure having some pansy envy right now.

  3. I gots it, too! Today was 63 and sunny… gorgeous! I put out 8 bags of mulch, and have 8 more to go… unfortunately, tomorrow it will only be 38(!) and we will be treated to a “wintry mix” of rain and snow.


  4. Gotz it too – but I know better than to believe it for another month or so…
    Dat is one damn cute corgi sitting there. Could eat him right up.

  5. We had all new roof, gutters and leaders put on last November and they re-did all the flashing as well. Talk about good timing.

    We went with Timberline and got through the nor’easter with no leakage.

  6. Congrats on the new roof! May it keep you dry.

    We have lovely weather. For our yard I hire a lawn service – 4 guys LOTS of equipment. It took them about 2 hours to clean up the yard… worth every penny. It would’ve taken my husband and I weeks and he would have ended up in the hospital with another slipped disk. heh. We should live in a condo… but we aren’t in the city.

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