The Morning After

Thursday morning:

Close your eyes and think of Las Vegas

The dog , or as Sami calls him “The Dogue” (rhymes with vogue) is not happy. How long can a little dog hold it in anyway? After the weekend snowfall, we did shovel a space for him on the deck and down the steps onto the patio so that at least you could push his unwilling little ass out there for a while. Things were ok until the sun melted the overhanging snow and icicles enough to make them fall off. I think the dog got clocked by it while he was waiting to get back inside because all of a sudden he outright refused to go anywhere near the back door. He dug in like a tri-colored  mule and would not be commanded, coerced, pulled or pushed.

obligatory dog-in-the-snow picture

Now we have to put him on a leash and take him out via the front door and even so, he is not having any of it. Here he is during an unproductive outing, only interested in trying to see over the top of the snow. We cleared the landing and the steps last night and another heavy wet 3″ fell while we slept.  In a cold, dark house with no power. The novelty is wearing off.

Also, my hair salon ignominiously canceled my foil highlights appointment scheduled for this morning. Well, it’s  Las Vegas that’s going have to suffer, not me. I won’t have to look at 2″ of dark roots next week.

UPDATE – Later that same day:

still won’t pee


Clear skies for now. Maybe we’ll have a day or two without snowfall for a change.


22 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. LOL. Poor little “dogue”. You may need to shovel the grass! First thing my husband shovels is a path from the backdoor, down to the lawn and clears about a 10 x 10 foot patch of grass for the dachshunds. Otherwise the house becomes their personal pee parlor. Ack!

  2. It is very, very humid in Bali. I am pretty sure there isn’t a chance of a good hair day for the next three weeks. Not with this humidity! Did I say it was humid? Very, very, The pool is warm, though. So there is that.

    We hear dogs, here. But have yet to see any. Monkeys. We will see plenty of monkeys.

      • There are so many homeless stray dogs here in Bali. It is heart-breaking. Absolutely heart-breaking. There is a shelter. We will make a donation. It won’t take care of the problem but maybe we can help a few of these poor canines.

  3. hee hee… I call my dogs “dogues”, too…

    Both of my hounds love being outside in the snow. They can’t get enough of it. I let them out, and only force them back in when I start to feel guilty for leaving them out in the cold for so long.

    They take a nap inside for about five minutes, then start bugging to go out again. I put them out and they wrestle around for a few minutes, then they just lounge around on the deck, in the snow, happy as clams.

    Well, maybe not clams. Something that’s happy laying in cold, wet snow.

  4. Oh gracious – it don’t get no cuter than a Steds sitting all fluffy and cold in the snow – and ya know, that means Fiona sitting all cold and fluffy in the snow is no cuter than the Sted-man:) The wind is roaring here, it scares the Princess Fifi so – she just can’t go… And.! How can you expect a delicate girl to walk, much less squat?!

  5. In addition to snowblowing the drive way and front walk (several times this go ’round) I have to snowblow paths around the back yard for the dogs. Terriers are low to the ground and our current foster dog is a dachshund. His you-know-what barely clears the grass, let alone 14″ of snow.

  6. We call you-know-who “dogue” but also “daaaaaawwwwwggg,” and “eh!” and she answers to none.

    I know you’re sick of snow but it’s so beautiful. Sigh.

  7. The last two photos prove that dogs are people, too;
    1st photo…a presidential pose..chin up, smirk, just like B.O.
    2nd photo…just kidding, with a great big smile!

  8. That’s about how my deck looked. Except for clearing the steps and space against the door so we could open the damned thing (I can pee inside), much of the deck still looks that way. i was too busy removing tons of the stuff from the driveway and sidewalk to break my ass shoveling the deck.

  9. Chihuahua. 18 inches of snow. I threw her (it was literally a light toss) under the patio table, and she consented to pee there.

    I don’t think she’s done her “other” business in 2 days, though. I was expecting to find unpleasant presents somewhere, but nothing. That worries me.

    I am so not a dog person.

  10. Are you down to the grassy patch yet 😉 I forgot to tell you not to shovel too deep, and destroy your lawnscape on the pee-pee patch, you’ll need a broom, like curling, whish-whish-whish, to take it down to the green parts.

  11. Stedman is a handsome dogue even if he doesn’t like the snow. I hope he’s managed to figure out it’s better to go outside in the cold than to mess up the house.

    Have you got power back?

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