Kitchen Update: 2 steps Forward and 1 Step Back

Now that the pressure from an impending visit from out-of-staters for the holidays is off, the work pace  on the kitchen project has slowed down considerably. However, there are events to be noted:

1. Forward The sewing thing refurbishment is complete.  Did you imagine that it would look like this? No because you never saw anything like it before, did you? It’s an original. I stayed true to the original 1950 paint scheme as my mother described it to me although that was  a long time ago. Believe me, it’s all I can do to hold myself back from painting 2 cherries on a leafed stem up near that nail hole.  I painted over all the drips and gouges because that’s how it always was no matter what color incarnation it was living. There are three small holes on the wood near the bottom of the pin cushion and I can’t remember or imagine what they are for. Maybe the pin cushion was bigger at one point and those are the nail holes that attached it to the wood.  Still no metal thimble for the center post.


I built the pin cushion out of dollar store sponges, fabric and duct tape. Girl power! And then I attached it to the wood with a red thumb tack. How retro is that?


In spite of  my flawless design vision, the whole package is a mess. The original plan was to line up the sewing thing, the key holder and the leash hook  but it was too much for that small space so I put the key holder in the corner. It’s still a mess. Maybe I lived too long with bare walls and now I can’t tolerate hanging clutter. Maybe I’ll switch the keys holder and the leash hook. Maybe I’ll add red polka dots to that bone.


2. Backwards
We took down the over-the-stove-microwave. I had to admit that there was just not enough clearance space above the stove top so we took it down and Sami somehow convinced the big box to take it back for a full refund. Now we are at (mild but unrelenting) war about what happens next: I want to go back to a regular range hood and he wants to chop down the cabinet to make room for re-installation of a microwave. It’s always something. FYI – no one else likes the look or the functionality of my cookie jar/knife holder. It’s a constant battle trying to pull those people into my world of style.


3. Forward I found these quilted vinyl appliance covers on eBay. It’s a tough job to find decent appliance covers at all. I blame you fancy people with your built-in appliance garages. It’s even harder to find vinyl, which I felt was necessary due to wet items being slung into the nearby drain rack. I thought these looked kind of retro-ish although they were brand new and the packaging didn’t seem aged. The counter space is too small to have naked appliances sprawled all over it and, lacking a proper appliance garage, this tidies things up.

6 thoughts on “Kitchen Update: 2 steps Forward and 1 Step Back”

  1. I love it. Wish I was so creative.

    I would move the leash holder down and put the key holder in the middle of the two. Just a suggestion, in case you were looking for one.

    But it’s just beautiful.

    Can’t wait to see more.

  2. I think it looks great! I see you still have that red dish drainer… The red tea kettle pops!!! What did you decide to do with your windows? What happened to that retro fabric you bought? Is there more to come?

    I know that these projects take time to complete. A year ago I put a splotch of tan paint on five or six walls. It was horrible! Six months ago I put a second splotch of a different color tan on the same walls. Perhaps in another six months I can actually get the walls either painted tan or covered up with the original white wall color. Ahh. What’s the big hurry? I’m here for another three years, eight months, two weeks and four days. Plenty of time.

    1. I have the retro fabric and am just waiting for a break in the work action to turn them into deep valences for the windows.

      We’re supposed to get snow this weekend, which makes it a perfect time to pint the stairwell to the cellar. It’s covered in black walnut paneling from the 70’s and it’s like entering the gateway to hell. I’m paining it white and I’ll be hanging mops and brooms etc in there.

  3. The eclectic (dig that word!) nature of what you’ve assembled is what gives it a true vintage look. Everything was flat out kitschy in the past. Chic was meant to have a k on the end – it was short for chicken, and you ate that. You didn’t live it. Or wear it.

    I would love red polkadots on that dog bone. Didn’t someone offer you a metal thimble a few threads ago? Grab it. They’ll have to take mine (my late Mother’s) off my cold dead hand.

    You are really back in stride, Suzette…..great posts!

  4. Omigod! I almost had a fainting spell. BT in SA said something “pops”….. Oy vey. Thought I’d fallen into by mistake. Everything over there “pops”.

    The only things I see popping are Mrs. O’s seams.

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