I’d Certainly Sign Up to Host a SOTU Watch Party But I’d Be Signing Up As “Rob Mewhydoncha”

I love how the image for the watch parties is a big-headed Barry O looming over a herd of  airy*, non-descript citizens who sit unmoving and transfixed.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

*Hey, maybe they’re all named Ellie Light. Of course! That would explain it.

16 thoughts on “I’d Certainly Sign Up to Host a SOTU Watch Party But I’d Be Signing Up As “Rob Mewhydoncha””

  1. Oooh… he looks so stern and presidential! I’m impressed.

    Personally, I’ll be playing a drinking game. I’ll drink everytime he says “inherited”, “unprecedented”, “let me be clear”…

    Also, any time he makes up some lie out of whole cloth.

    I’ll be hammered in the first five minutes… which makes his speeches much easier to watch.

    1. I am tempted to host a live chatroom during this broadcast so we can all poke some fun at Barry O but I doubt I’d be able to last beyond the opening remarks. Every time I try to watch him on TV, I get disgusted within minutes.

      1. Try watching without the sound on. Because he can’t function without two teleprompters, his head ping-pongs back and forth like he’s a deranged tennis spectator.


  2. Hilarious! Would it be wrong to attend a party and just drink all their booze? So check out your own zip code and get a little peek in the door. At the Wells house in Saint Charles: St. Louis Medical marijuana in Missouri (State of the Union Watch Party)
    Watch the address and discuss Missouri HB1670 the Democrat sponsored medical marijuana bill that won’t make it to committee if we don’t act now.” Should Mr. Wells says his is the house w the concrete magic mushrooms and big chimney? In zip 80201, an entry that just says it all: “Enquiry. Would attend a party but would not hold one.” Kind of says it all (no matter how you read it). Inspires me to get some chardonay and get bizzy.

  3. Ya just can’t make this stuff up! Some funnies (I couldn’t stop looking!):

    DC Area
    “Obamafest (State of the Union Watch Party)
    Join us as we parse his words, celebrate his style, and strategize. The President needs us, and we need him…
    Nothing that a good speech and a few beers can’t solve.”

    “WMA White Hoiuse Community JOBS Working Group (State of the Union Watch Party)” (or the why unemployment keeps rising group)


    “Enjoy some snacks and watch Obama deliver his first State of the Union Speech among like-minded friends! Big screen TV,surround sound and lots of seating on big sectional.” (Watch Obama before the orgy?)

    1. I suspect that “like-minded friends” one may not be exactly an adoring crowd of Obamanites. It’s entirely possible that they are planning on throwing some snacks at the TV screen.

  4. I’m shocked. Really. I never heard of this group until now.
    It’s legitimate? It’s not some stealth Republican ploy to embarass the Big O?
    The party sounds creepy and cult-like.

  5. URG, I can’t think of anything more boring.
    I quit listening to him along time ago. He just babbles on and on and says nothing.

  6. Confession time. I’m boycotting this entire Presidency so I haven’t read or listened to any O-related news since he took office; the only inkling I have about anything to do with O in any way is what I get from reading a few funny-witty friends’ blogs. Which means I know all about MOO and her tiny eye and big boat-feet and really I don’t care to watch his SOTU so I won’t because to do so would break my streak of ignoring him when he says anything. Which is every day.

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