Christmas Past – Part 1

Turns out that my new-this-year outdoor holiday display was only good for measuring the snowfall. It got blown down by the first decent wind that came along and every one thereafter. Since it was made of brittle plastic, it suffered new areas of breakage each time it hit the deck. After three of four rightings and repairs that involved shoring up with bricks shrouded in supermarket bags, careful balancing and a little bit of string and tape, we gave up and just let it lay there.

snowman down

But it was still connected to the timer that turned the outdoor lights on and off. It made for an interesting display. I’m sure the pilots headed for Newark airport enjoyed it because they were the only ones who could really appreciate it in its new orientation. Even after the timer was disconnected, the solar rock light gave it a nice little glow.

We just got used to it being there and so it lived on longer than it would have if it remained obediently upright. Today is garbage day and we sent it off to its final resting place where it can recline for eternity in the dump. You’ll be happy to know that we did harvest the white lights for reuse.

(Sidenote: I wonder if I can get some kind of Al Goreish government credits for recycling those lights? That might come in handy when my blood pressure medication runs out and I’m on the Obama “olds” list for no refills. Look for them worked into the outdoor  chandelier on the deck this year so that I am in a better position to barter for a 90-day supply of HCTZ. )

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