It’s Curtains For Me

Maybe I’ve been living with bare windows for too long to readjust to a civilized life that includes curtains. I’ve had these curtains ready for years. That is not an exaggeration. Years.

And now that we’re finally at the point where I can hang them, I don’t care for them all that much. Oh, it’s not that I don’t like the curtains themselves – I do. After all, cutwork and crochet. Come on – who wouldn’t like them? It’s just that I think I want the streamlined Blinds Only look going on. I suppose that you could have judged better if I took a photo of the same window with and without curtains, but we’re past that point and I can’t spend all night taking these things down and putting them up again. So please observe the window over the sink compared to the windows by the table.

Please note hipster wreath. Also, it's so obvious now that I should have gotten the stainless steel dish drainer

Arguments for the curtains:

  • planned for many years to hang exactly these curtains
  • homey in a bloodlessly cold kind of way (temporary)
  • the red vintage pattern curtains will inject color
  • can change look of kitchen by changing color palette with curtains

Arguments against curtains:

  • one less dust collector
  • not much room to move behind the  table – looks bigger with just blinds
  • curtains look worse in person blinds look better in person
  • small room – can’t be all busy with ruffles and shit

UPDATE 8:20 pm – If you enlarge the picture, you can see through the rungs of the ladder that there is a tray of baklava and a sauce pot on the stovetop. The saucepot used to have sugar syrup in it but while I was posting the original entry, Sami came upstairs to yak with me and forgot that he had started heating the syrup so he could spoon more over the baklava.

Long story short: acrid smoke filling entire house.

Short story even shorter: curtain dilemma no longer my most pressing problem.

10 thoughts on “It’s Curtains For Me”

  1. You know me… very sparse on the curtaining around here.. only curtains are those in Susan’s old room. The end.

    My vote?
    No curtains. just blinds. they are great (the blinds)

    1. Meh. I’ve lived with bare windows so long that I have a deep-seated need cover them up. And as you know, we are both from the school of blinds+curtains+drapes layers of window coverings. One doesn’t easily get over a history like that.

  2. Always good for a chuckle, here, at your place, CS.

    Sooo obvious you should have gotten the stainless steel dish strainer [too funny!]. The splash of red will pick up the kitchen – and that’s what you were aiming for, right? With the splashes of red. Your clock, etc. I think the red adds something. You can always go back and buy the stainless one if you decide the red really isn’t right. Or, better, put the dish rack in one of the cupboards [hang it from the inside of the door from one of the cabinets under the sink if you are lacking space].

    The curtains? I’d eliminate them. And if you are going to use the fabric you bought – the vintage look – do just a pleated [not gathered – you’ll lose the print in gathered] valance over your blinds. That would look sleek.

    But hey. It isn’t my kitchen. It is yours and you are the one that has to be happy with it.

    “Long story short: acrid smoke filling entire house.

    Short story even shorter: curtain dilemma no longer my most pressing problem.”

    Still chuckling over that!

  3. I’m a no-curtain gal myself, but the pleated valance suggestion is genius.
    Had to look twice- your kitchen is almost identical to my daughter’s. I’d link to the pics of her re-do, but I don’t want to give you any ideas about beadboard…
    It’s going to look great.

  4. IMHO the curtains here need a little red added somehow – they are too white with the white cabinets, window frame, and white of the curtains as well. not sure how best to add a touch of red to these particular curtains (valances really) except to maybe stitch a red lining so that red shows through the holes of the lace? Would be extra work though.
    I’m a simple window scarf in the kitchen sort of gal myself – and I loved your vintage fabric. I think it would be perfect for these windows.
    Knife jar is awesome, and the drain will look better when the renovation tools no longer share counter space – I promise 🙂

  5. Enjoying your retro (sort of) kitchen project. I had a yellow with red kitchen as a new bride in the 50s. Great red formica and chrome dinette set, unbleached muslin cafe curtains with horizontal stripes at the bottom made out of red bias tape (do they make that any more?). Very cute, not too fussy, screened lower part of window while letting in sun above, dead flat to wash and iron (we did that in those days) easily.

    Scroll forward a few decades and introduce miniblinds. I found the vinyl kind at Tar-jay (the ones they say poison our children) and installed them all over the place. At that point curtains seemed redundant and I don’t like valances.

    I was at Marshall’s this afternoon, standing in a mile-long line, and spotted a picture frame that made me think of you, Suzette. White painted stuff that looked like wood with large red polka dots.

    Your kitchen looks great ….

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