60 Days Late; $2.6 Billion Short

Two full months after the 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine hit the American streets, after 95 million doses have been distributed for the common man, big brave Barry O offered himself  up yesterday as a role model for the vaccination.

now is the time on schprockets when we cry like a litte girl

Would it be cynical to suggest that we’ll soon be seeing this image on a government-issued brochure about universal health care?

12 thoughts on “60 Days Late; $2.6 Billion Short”

  1. Who in the F**k dresses like that “nurse” (if she even is one and not a poser model) to give flu shots? Fer cryin’ out loud……………………. and what lamebrain wears long sleeves when they know they are going for a “shot”?


    1. We didn’t actually *see* him get the shot… probably just another photo op like when they brought all the Dr’s to the White House and put them in matching lab coats.

  2. I can’t stand that jackass. Oh wait. A comment should be witty or funny. I can’t. He just annoys the shit out of me right now. Oh no!!! Does disliking him make me a hater?! Oh nooo!!!

  3. Bff, She’s actually not a nurse -in the new Obamaworld she doesn’t actually have to have skills or credentials. I think the job, with bennies, is maybe $70k in the fed sphere so this gal is maybe Joe Biden’s fifth cousin’s daughter.

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