7 thoughts on “Snow, man.”

  1. Love the white cabinets! And damn you, woman, for making me start thinking about dismantling the WolfCheese kitchen and redoing. I’m keeping the Giant Rooster, though.
    Maybe a nice fadey green…..

  2. How much snow have you had now? Kitchen looks delightful. -You were right to paint the inside of the cupboards. Can you say what color/brand your paint is?

  3. Our new roof was installed last week (Mon-Tues) just in time for the recent snow load test. Two days later the door fell off the dishwasher (new unit installed on Thursday) and I discovered that all the pounding on the roof had caused the 20-year old garage door opener to tear loose from the ceiling. (Replaced on Friday.)

    Please note that there is no longer a recession at Timberline, Bosch or LiftMaster.

    With the economy in mind, can we talk about your floor covering?

    Also, let me say I am glad you resisted the temptation to go with gold or brass hardware on the cabinets.

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