Today in MOO

Just a quick note to say that thanks to this photo of World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ Michelle Obama standing with Barbara Walters, I realize that you don’t see many shots of her lined up right next to other women. That’s because of the unfortunate mental imagery called up by the fact that MOO’s waistline is at the same latitude as Babara’s nips. I find this disturbing.

23 thoughts on “Today in MOO”

  1. You know how I do love your clever commentary, but at 5’11” myself, I have no problem with a statuesque woman’s waist (assuming she has one) being at the same height as some shriveled old gal’s drooping nips. Maybe if Babs just got ONE more surgery to have those nips lifted, the contrast wouldn’t be so harsh.

  2. One day MOO will wear a normal sized jacket, with sleeves that cover her guns. WTH with the guns thing. And the jacket will be long enough to cover her lowwwwer regions. Yea, verily, I say so.

  3. It is one thing to be statuesque. At 6 ft in her bare feet, my DIL is statuesque. It is another thing to be a hulking, bowledgged, ungainly woman who insists on dressing like a holiday parade float.

    The shiny gold coat and dress ensemble (with her inauguration day cardigan layered between), worn with copper metallic pumps, is clearly a major “lookatme” outfit.

    She should realize that amazons are never lost in the crowd – she towers over her own husband when she wears heels – and tone it down a little.

    1. Her gold outfit is not getting unqualified raves at her own sycophantic website, where at least one poster said it looked like Christmas wrapping paper.

  4. What a waste of air space. To think that some fashion senses have dropped to this level. God help us all who actually do dress like we have a little class. Before long, all black women will demand to be hooked up to the “rack” to get stretched so they can tower over normal folks and look just like the demon spawn.

  5. I’m beginning to think these tacky, trashy outfits are on purpose…just to see how many of her gushing supporters will bite and proclaim her the best dressed (as Elle recently has) FLOTUS of all time. When she can get that sort of response for something so completely garish and ugly, she knows they’ll go for anything. Deaf, dumb and blind.

    The woman lacks style, grace, manners, knowledge and appreciation of protocol, as well as discernment. Worst dressed, worst choice ever.

  6. >>>When she can get that sort of response for something so completely garish and ugly, she knows they’ll go for anything.<<<

    She already knows they'll go for anything.

    They're the ones that put her jug-eared husband into office.

  7. My sister and I have a little game now of pointing out all the appropriate clothes that Moo COULD have chosen instead. Try this at home: when you’re out and about, see some nice outfit on someone, we nod and say, yah she could have worn that! We’re getting pretty good at this, but Moo makes it easy.

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