eBay Joker of the Day

If you were an eBay seller and you had a certain minimum dollar amount in mind for what you’d want in your pocket for it, I guess you’d pull a stunt like this joker:

if you’re going to rob people, at least have the courtesy to say “stick ’em up”

Also, I guess you don’t have to split the shipping & handling costs with eBay.

8 thoughts on “eBay Joker of the Day”

  1. Hello,
    My first time posting here. First off, I love your take on things. This unfortunately is probably an accurate shipping charge from Washington state to the east coast. The listing says the buyer is adding $3.00 for handling charge. They have it as shipping United States Post Office Priority Mail. If the seller double boxes this – like it should be for all fragile items and this being a heavier cookie jar. It makes it a heavy “Over-Sized” box and the Post Office Really jacks the rates up for those – and it all goes up way more the farther it travels west coast to east coast and the post office just is outlandish – if you are interested in it see if the seller will ship it “Parcel Post” it is a lot slower but significantly cheaper. I sell a few things on ebay and I try to be notice these things – I rather have the bids than to give extra money to the post office.
    Once again I love your corner of the net and truly wish you good luck and happy holidays.

  2. You want apples for your kitchen? I’ve got a ton that I’ve collected over time, including a complete set of Hall Pottery Apple cookie, flour and sugar jars and the matching S&Ps, a covered pie plate and a whole mess more. Email me. For you, I’ll make a deal, and a good one.

  3. I see people pull this all the time on eBay. I will pay whatever price is right for something, but I won’t play the “let’s cheat eBay” game. However, I’m not sure if the poster up line is right, it might be legitimate.

    Love your scheme. I’ve got the fruit thing going on in my kitchen, too, which I alternate with the chicken theme. All my stuff is old family “junk” from the 40’s and 50’s….I love it, tacky as it may look to others. Even my husband likes when it’s chicken time, he likes them for some reason. We live on a farm with critters, that might be why.

  4. Tacky is in the eye of the beholder. Just plain fun is in the heart of the blessed.
    You should see the tacky overload that is my home at Christmas. I probably have something in the neighborhood of 100 cookie jars/salt&pepper shaker/kitchen ceramics going on in there 🙂 Tacky. And we love it!

  5. first of all as an experienced ebay person and seller of many many things on ebay.. including antique pottery that weighed over 30 lbs to places far from Pa.
    this package would have to weigh 20 lbs. to cost 43 dollars to ship from washington state to where suzette lives…
    NOT. Not even with double boxing is this piece of pottery going to weigh 20 lbs.
    ( if they are going to put rocks, etc. in the boxes now that’s a different story) ..
    3.00 for “handling” is a crock .. it’s going to take this dude 5-10 minutes to pack this pottery.
    i never charged for handling..

    ebay charges fees, etc. which i think this seller is trying to recover by jacking up the price of this pottery piece.

    do not buy from this seller.

  6. I agree that the handling charge seems bad – but if the buyer was to “purchase” new boxes at Wal-Mart / Staples / UPS Store or where ever, they usually charge $1.50 Plus for boxes. If the box is bigger than 12 X 12 X 12 then the post office jacks the rates. For instance, a 15 pound box that is 14 inches on all sides going from Seattle, WA to Trenton, NJ will cost $38.60 via the USPS Priority Mail. I know it is high and I am not sticking up for the seller adding on a handling charge – but all I was saying was that I did not think it was WAY over board – not like it appears anyway – The Post Office is the one that is making the most money on that deal.
    I still like the site and I truly do not want any haters on me. I just was sticking up for the seller some – because I think that they are mostly honest in the listing (They told about their $3.00 handling charge up front and all.)

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