The Internet Was Wrong

I’m all for trying out things I read on the internet – things like how to fold a t-shirt in one smooth move, how to get a bandaid to stick over a knuckle, the best method of stirring powdered drinks. So when I came across a video about the secret to eating chicken wings, I could hardly wait to try it.


And it was bad.

Who wants to eat a de-boned chicken wing in the first place? The fun of it is the gnawing around the little bones. The hunt for small bits of meat. Eating the de-boned wing was a miserable experience for me. The process of removing the wingbones made a big mess and it left you with soft, floppy wing meat.

And so, sadder but wiser, I no longer look to the internet with the same unbridled enthusiasm for learning that I had only a day ago. Internet, you were wrong.

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