Ok. Seriously Now. This Is the Last Vintage Cocktail Glass I’m Buying on eBay

bird glass

Gaze upon my latest eBay purchase. It’s not easy to photograph this one with a Blackberry so let me describe it:

  • 3 1/2” tall sherbet glass
  • thin but not delicate
  • etched design of flowers and birds
  • bird has the suggestion of branches in its mouth
  • tiny little bird feet

Seriously, now I’m done buying vintage glassware for martini purposes from eBay.  Seriously.

The collection:

glassware collection
Fostoria Meadow Rose, Unidentified Bird Glass, Arcadia Glass Orlean,                      Indiana Glass Crown Thumbprint

Now I can’t afford to buy any gin. See also:

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9 thoughts on “Ok. Seriously Now. This Is the Last Vintage Cocktail Glass I’m Buying on eBay”

  1. LMAO,
    I sold those to you!!!! What a small world it is. I am getting rid of my glass collection to make room for my new antique crock pot collection. See with those I can then buy something else and store the new items in the crocks. I had to sell my old house in order to expand my fabric collection which now fills a 12×12 den. I bought a serger in 1991 but I have not had a chance to use it yet because I had no room for a sewing table. I have been thinking of buying a $11,500 quilter. Maybe with that I can do something with all that fabric, got bolts and bolt ends of it.

    I’m now getting more into blogging… it seems to be the most economical thing and takes no space plus I can always check eBay and amazon whenever I have the urge to buy something.

    I had no idea retirement can be this lucrative. I sold those glasses for twice what I paid for them!!

    1. Not seriously! Are you talking about the bird glasses? I thought I read that you were in the southwest somewhere? They came from Minnesota and I paid 5 bucks for two of them.

      1. I was joking… my sense of humor is rather bizarre and most people can’t tell if I am nuts, lying or making a joke

  2. I was joking too with that comment about addiction.

    Veeeerrrrrrry serious around here lately….

    Suzette says:“I don’t mind being call fat and extra stupid, but ladies please – let’s not mess with the eBay purchases!”

    1. I’m the last person to complain about eBay… I think of it as a shopper’s paradise. To add mystery if sellers don’t describe what they are selling you can be stunned by what you get. I bought this hand carved dragon for $32 from bargain land, to fill a spot on a credenza top. Turns out it is 4 feet long. And my dog got really freaked out by it.

  3. But in real life I have collected depression era glass and I bought almost all of accessories from eBay for my new home. They used to have this seller bargainland (they moved to some other auction site and closed their Phoenix warehouse.
    I got some really great stuff from them that is hard to believe what I paid for them. Where they got the stuff from is a big mystery. They got stuff in boxes and just took a photo without checking what was there. One box was stuffed with an area rug and I could only tell from the backside that it was handknotted and had two colors that I would like in a rug. I paid $96 for it just take a look and nothing for shipping because I could pick-up from the warehouse. Turns out it was a custom ordered 14×11 Abysson wool/silk Tibetian rug, wholesale price thru a designer was $6800. Brand new looking. A fab size and style for my huge family room. I bought a few other very large handknotted rugs for under $300 only seeing the back side with the rug rolled up. The sellers were absolute idiots by not taking time to see what they were selling.
    I have saved thousands by shopping eBay. I have also bought stuff I absolutely did not need and don’t know where to put it.
    My fabric and crock collection is still going on.

  4. lulu I knew you were laughing while writing!!! life is short and almost everything has a funny way to look at it.
    I am not a shopping addict, for the past 30 years I have done my fair share to stimulate the economy.

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