The Most Important Part of the MadMen Finale

I’ve been very preoccupied today reading internet recaps of the MadMen finale last night.  Here are just some of my regular haunts if you’re interested:

I love how not a soul anywhere ever calls the Charles Shaughnessy character anything but Mr. Sheffield.

amber2Of all the words written about the season finale, there’s something that’s been overlooked but  I don’t mind setting things right. Did anyone notice that Pete and Trudy now have a full set of Stangl Amber Glo? Yes. When first spotted, there were only three plates in the china cabinet. Last night, the cabinet was full, including a very hard to find pitcher on top of it and a full coffee service complete with pot was on the coffee table.

Last season:

see what I mean?


Last night:

cabinet full of Stangl Amber Glo fits Pete and Trudy's Scandinavian decorating theme

Coffee service:

coffee set
the chop plate was a nice touch



pete's Stangl collection
Pete's Stangl collection

2 thoughts on “The Most Important Part of the MadMen Finale”

  1. I bet they don’t have a stangl town and country chip and dip set !!!

    I have often wondered if I was bidding against “movie” ‘tv” museum” peeps when I am at an auction and things are going ridiculously high.. I bet they got this stangl at auction on the east coast near NJ or Pa. I betcha.

  2. The move of parents into smaller quarters has freed up several Stangl items. No complete sets, some are chipped, but they are Stangl. I believe my mother mostly has the pattern based on apples.

    Please advise…

    — Strangled by Stangl

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