Stop Me Before I eBay Again

No don’t stop me. I can stop myself any time I want to. If I ever want to. Which I don’t.

You saw that coming, right?



Because obsessing over one vintage cocktail glass pattern is not enough, I still trawl through the champagne glass listings at eBay once in a while. And look at the beautiful champagne saucer that I came up with.  Whereas my previous vintage cocktail glass purchase was more late 30s famous maker, this thing of beauty is early 50s obscure origin.

And beautiful it is. I love the Fostoria Meadow Rose glasses because the etching is so finely detailed and realistic, but this one is highly stylized and abstract.



It’s hard to see in this photo, but the stem has the same minimalist  flower (a dot, a straight line, the suggestion of little leaves) etched in on two sides. this pattern is a hunting me because as soon s I saw it, it reminded me of Florrie, a neighbor from my childhood who made a  big, big impression on me.  Not that I can consciously remember seeing any glassware like this in her house, but as soon as I laid eyes on this I knew it had something to do with her. FYI – across the street from Florrie, we were drinking out of glasses that originally held sour cream.



Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But the things were everywhere – anybody who got their milk delivered from Iggy the Milkman (Florrie’s brother-in-law) or who shopped at the corner kielbasi store has these.  They go for a decent penny at flea markets and on eBay but I don’t care about them. In fact, I have two of these from the old house. The flowers are all but gone from living in a dishwasher world that they were never designed for.

So I add to my vintage glasses for martini purposes. If you are starting to wish that you had the Suzette lifestyle and want to look for glasses like these, you have to search for “vintage champagne saucer” because if you try “champagne glass”, you’ll come up with that modern excrescence known as a champagne flute. Whoever invented that horrible thing? Don’t give me that weak line about retaining the champagne bubbles longer – how long does one carry around a glassful of champagne anyway? It’s not like one glass is going to last the whole night.

And think back to the last time you heard some glamorous blonde say that champagne bubbles tickle her nose.  She wasn’t holding a champagne flute, was she? In all likelihood, that was Zaa Zaa Gabor you just pictured. The name Zaa Zaa, just like the name Suzette, is a foreign version of Susan, so you can see that kismet is at play here.

We have just come full circle and now you must agree this then was not a frivolous purchase at all but one that HAD TO HAPPEN.

Just in case that last part was too spooky for you. I’ll cheer you up with my favorite Weird Al composition of all time:  “eBay”. You might as well watch that now because I’m just going to keep posting it until you do.

Full disclosure: I don’t have an Alf alarm clock, but I do have an Alf cake pan. It’s got a reusable plastic face plate so you don’t have to pipe on an icing face. You just squash it down onto the chocolate fur.


no problem!



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