Day Off

I gave my self a day off from toil and strife and used my freedom to cruise the dollar store. I’m quite fond of the dollar store because I have natural-born Woolworthism in me that has been building up ever  since that fine establishment closed down. It has to go somewhere.

The dollar store was good today. It was all Hallloween-y with a little peep of Christmas. Here’s my haul (you will be jealous):

  • i <i>said </i>you would be jealous
    i said you would be jealous

    velvet penguin self-sticking gift tags

  • curl-tie ribbon with paw prints on it

One hour and two dollars plus tax later, I’m a happy woman.

Then I came home and cooked chicken in one of those chemical seasoning/oven bag things.  It was great – you can’t beat chemicals for making food taste good.

6 thoughts on “Day Off”

  1. This has no relevance to your post WHUTSOEVER but I have to just say I love coming here and seeing Stedman’s headman poking up over there. He’s so friggin’ cute it’s not even fair. Hello Stedman! Hello!

    Yes I am typing to a picture of a dog.

    1. This image accurately reflects Stedman’s mission in life, which is to insert himself into everything that happens.

  2. at least steddy dog can see and here. that’s more than poor wagnus.. would take a bald nose anyday over the loss of hearing and sight… sigh…

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