Come On Baby Do The Loco-Motion

now that you you can do -oo it, let's make a chain now
now that you you can do -oo it, let's make a chain now

World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ Michelle Obama channels Little Eva as she shows off her much-envied 48″ stride on the international stage. Fall  fashion forecasts show that women everywhere will be emulating MOO’s unique style elements come next season: age-inappropriate clothing choices, strapped up boobs, and shiny, shiny legs posed as far apart as possible.

Ordinary women would crumble under the load of what she has to deal with every day – tending the beehives, busy moming and whatnot- but here we get glimpse a hint of how she manages. Not a single moment of her day is wasted. She finds time for her all important dedication to fitness no matter how crowded her schedule is. Here Moo (or Muu Muu, as befits the wardrobe theme here) takes advantage of a pause in the photo line-ups to air out her cooch.

18 thoughts on “Come On Baby Do The Loco-Motion”

  1. Suzette, wicked to the max. And right on.

    She was so worked up at this affair that O had to wipe off her shoulders with his hanky.

    In successive photos taken at another occasion there appeared to be something frothy and white creeping down her leg. Turned out to be light bouncing off very, very shiny leg.

          1. Trouble in paradise? Maybe that new book about their marriage and all the Google queries about the lovely Vera Baker are to blame? I almost feel sorry for M0. She so wants to call attention to herself but cannot seem to get it right.

      1. Suzette, I know you’ve been busy, but I was seriously disappointed you didn’t comment on that uber tight shiny red number Mrs. 0 sported at the UN last week.

        1. That shiny red number was at its worst when she was shown in almost all the photos of her her a UN seat at that morning session. Buttons popping, ripples galore. And her signature scowl.

  2. I noticed the shiny legs too. What’s up with that?
    Compare the “First Cooch”( looks like she was getting ready to do one of her famous open legged squats, doesn’t it?) to the simply, but elegantly dressed Madame Sarkozy. No other observation is needed.

  3. Remember when Carla Bruni didn’t attend that summit thingy in Britain last summer? Remember how the media came up with the lame-brain notion that she didn’t go because she was afraid MO would outshine her?

    Riiiight…. I’m pretty sure Carla had a good laugh over that one…

    I know I did.

    1. Well Michelle would have outshone her in one respect but not quite in the way the media would have expected. Remember that too snug sparkly cardigan and way too tight shiny skirt Mrs. 0 was sporting as she strolled into 10 Downing Street the first time? Bwahahaha. I’m sure Ms Bruni had a good chuckle over that.

        1. That too tight shiny skirt at 10 Downing Street is remembered for something more: The Spanx line across her thigh in one shot. (Shiny fabrics can be treacherous when tight!)

          That led to my theory that the dirndl days are the ones on which she gives herself a reprieve and allows her body to go wherever it feels like.

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