I Love Vintage Glassware. Who’s With Me Here?

This is an update to the post about searching for a martini glass that suits my personality better than a plain long stemmed V.

Alert the media – a decision has been made and a purchase completed. I’m going to show it to you, but I want you to take a deep breath – maybe get up and walk away for a bit – before you pass judgment. Because it’s … sort of non-traditional.Also, there was only one available so I didn’t have the opportunity to buy multiple multiples, which I totally would have even though I only needed one.

Let me describe it to you first:

  • it’s glass, not crystal
  • it’s molded, not blown or cut
  • the design is fussy, not simple
  • it’s colorful, not clear
  • it’s not even a cocktail glass
  • or a wine glass
  • or a sherry glass

I couldn’t help it – it was just like when MIchael Corleone was hit with the thunderbolt when he saw Appolonia. He just knew it was right. And that’s how it was with me and the glass. And it does have the most important characteristics that I was after:

  • it’s short
  • it holds a small volume
  • it’s vintage

Can you picture it?


Ok. Here it is:



Isn’t it swell?

It’s an Indiana Glass Kings Clear Crown Blue Flash Sherbet Dish, a rare color, so I’m told. Looks like a good match for a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, doesn’t it? The size is 3 1/8″ tall x 3 5/8″ wide. The eBay auction didn’t list the volume, but I’m guessing from the dimensions and the bowl-to-base ratio that it’s 5-ish ounces.

It was love at first sight.


10 thoughts on “I Love Vintage Glassware. Who’s With Me Here?”

  1. Love it!
    And, I love all the more that it’s *not* a martini glass!
    I love wine (no secret), and I am also notorious for breaking stemware… so, we drink wine from low, footed glasses very similar to your sherbet dish…
    I always feel very cutting edge when I pour a glass… and, I feel very smug when one makes it through another wash.
    Drink one for me!

  2. Very appropriate… in the south it is referred to as Depression Glass as most of it was made in the depression era and was what was given at weddings since no one could afford crystal. Also try binging for milk glass as it is quite interesting as well.

  3. Suzette, your “martini glass” is charming. A great choice.
    Kings Crown is highly collectible. Pressed glass, it dates back to the 1890s – somewhat before “Depression Glass” and finer in quality. It was also more expensive. I believe I heard that Depression Glass was originally given by the piece as premiums at gas stations.
    As you can see from this Kings Crown collector’s website the stuff is highly addictive.
    I love old glass. I love old almost everything.

  4. My only problem with you moving to WordPRess is the countless hours Il Proprieatario will spend carefully wrapping the crystal for shipping.

  5. Love that glass! We have a set around here but they are more traditional amber color. Brings back good memories of eating pudding out of them as a tot.
    What a pretty color. Love your style!

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