Breathing Fresh Air – I Recommend It

Your faithful reporter is tired, very tired. AND my hand is all screwed up from clutching the mouse for 14 hours a day. This work business is really very burdensome. Some days, I don’t even get outside at all. Last night, at about 7pm , I made it a point to go outside on the deck to enjoy what was left of the evening.


actual backyard of Suzette

Remind me to go outside as much as possible until the weather turns. I’m not one much for direct sunlight in the middle of the day but I do like a good twilight. The impending change of seasons makes enjoying the sunsets at this time of year all the more precious and I made appointments for myself to see as many as possible. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to activate a pop-up reminder in my Outlook calendar. What is technology for, if not to serve us?

5 thoughts on “Breathing Fresh Air – I Recommend It”

  1. Enjoy it, Suzette.
    We have been pretty much housebound, with windows closed, for over a week due to the horrific fire burning in the mountains northeast of Los Angeles. Smoke and ash, day and night, and containment has been dicey. One of the very worst in history.
    Please breathe some fresh air for us.

  2. We’re still getting smoke and ash from the huge, horrific fire NE of Los Angeles. Take a good deep breath of your clean air for us, Suzette!

  3. Frightening as it may be to say so, some of the most interesting nights of my life took place in the Garden State.
    Which impresses me greatly, since the total time I’ve spent in NJ in a lifetime is something less than two weeks.

  4. A popup reminder is a good idea! I work mostly in the late afternoons and evenings. And I drive to the accounts I clean. So I get to see most sunsets, not to mention the spectacular clouds building up over central Florida.
    I heartily recommend watching the evening sky!

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