It’s The Ordinary That Makes It Special

Nothing much. Just Sunday morning the on deck with a cup of coffee and a smelly dog. In fact, he’s so smelly that I keep making him pose at the edge of the steps just to get him away from me.


It’s a sign of the kind of summer we’ve had here that the flag hanging on the shed is the same one I put there in April. Usually, they get sun-bleached by the end of June and I have to put up a new one. This one still has strong colors.

Nature alert: there are disgusting green caterpillars in the flower heads of the geraniums. They eat the hearts of the new buds.  One word: pesticide. I’m just not that into butterflies.

Shout out to my special garden bud in Florida: I am thrilled with the organic fertilizer that you recommended for my flower beds and roses. In fact, where before there was only grey dust in the fence beds, now there are worms, just like the fertilizer bag said there would be. I’m all for nature, just not next to my coffee cup on the deck.


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