I’m Calling “WIG”

Well-known country music fan Michelle Obama Shows Off New ‘Do. And By ‘Do, We Mean “WIG”


Are those little white hairs sticking out by her hairline there?  I guess she didn’t want the big black hairs sticking out the back to be lonely.



Also, no slip! That’s what makes her a World Famous Fashion Icon – she makes her own rules. My hunch is that she figured she gave enough attention to conformity by wearing something with the waistline in the right place for  a change, so why push it by going conventional all the way.


Sad What’s up with that little sad sack Sanchez? Have you noticed the disparate amount of attention given to these two girls? Oh, you see an occasional photo of this poor thing smiling but only when she’s alone. Put them together and the spotlight always shines on Malaria.

4 thoughts on “I’m Calling “WIG””

  1. Dear Gott. Did you see the picture of eldest spawn two frames after the above photo? She really takes after Michelle… poor little thing. Wonder if her feet are huge as well?

  2. Sanchez! Somehow I missed the naming til now. I knew and approved heartily of “malaria” but SANCHEZ is Man of La Mancha on crack and just FUN.

  3. That wig must be the “Elizabeth” model, because the “Esther” model is curlier and salted with gray. BO could get the “Lamont” to wear with his baseball jeans and the “Fred G” (the “G” stands for GAWDAWLMITY) when he’s apologizing to foreign gummints.

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