Sunday Morning, Third Week in July

UPDATE – 2:00pm: Scroll down for a very sad development.


1. Reminder for next year’s deck pots:

  • marigolds good;
  • petunias bad;
  • geraniums a lousy selection for supreme court justice (So-So).


_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG00440



2. Deck birds: wireless illuminated flamingo and cranky looking robin babies.



3. Rose garden recovery:


The formerly barren rose bushes are once again producing velvety red roses instead of dried out brown flower buds. I credit Bayer Advanced 3-in-1 insect Disease & Mite Control spray for the comeback. Of course, it could be due to the simple reappearance of the sun after the month long rains here in NJ.  There’s still some blackspotted leaves here and there, but at least the buds are opening instead of shriveling up before bloom. Surprise: some of the blossoms have a full grown beetle in the center when they open.

4.Traumatic trip down memory lane:


This is the only surving picture of the same flower bed at the end of the patio in 2007. Those Black-eyed Susans  were started from three small pots about 12 years earlier. They filled in and thrived all that time and were maintainance-free! until the bastard deer or the bastard muskrats or the bastard rabbits or the bastard whatever they were chewed them down to their extermination.


UPDATE – 2:00pm  Some of the pieces from my vintage wooden patio furniture collection needed a little touchup to the green finish. I asked Sami to tighten up the bolts before I started the painting. He turned the rocker in the top photo over and the rocker part came off in his hand. Rotten. It was all rotten. The whole thing was rotten through and through. Now it’s gone to meet Walter Cronkite.

Wooden Rocker
~1945 – 2009

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning, Third Week in July

  1. It’s always a toss up on what will or won’t work in a pot. I thought at some point in the vague past, someone told me to pinch back petunias early on so they don’t get so “leggy”. But it’s always possible it was some other flower and I don’t remember right. Heh.
    Love your back porch birds.
    And a huge YAY!!! On the re-emergence of the roses. Most excellent.

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