Waiting for The Fireworks To Begin

After yesterday’s periodic downpours, it dried off enough to sit on the deck and kick off the holiday weekend celebration.


Sorry, Hoss – dogs not invited.

The festivities continued with early morning activities today. First came the single participant event in which I picked up dog poop in advance of the arrival of the lawn mower guy and then the more challenging removal of a poison ivy vine by means of a long-handled clipper. I used the same body posture as if I was taking a glowing bar of Uranium-235 out of a lead canister.

Later in the day, team events will take place. The high speed “Get Those Cushions Inside” relay race will take place as soon as it starts raining again. For those looking for a more vigorous competition, the highly anticipated “Fry Daddy Faceoff” will be held indoors, pitting the team of Oh No You’re Not against the returning champion, Oh Yes I Am. It’s a death match.


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