Like England But With More Rain

Pots Don’t you people in New Jersey have anything better to do that to sit around in the rain? Is it true that for the entire 10 days that I’ve been out of the state it’s been raining all the time? In California, I was under the June Balloon – here’ it’s like the June Water Balloon.

The saucers are overflowing and the blossoms are knocked off of my deck pots almost entirely – the only evidence that there were flowers at all are some spent blooms that are beginning to hair out with mold.  It has been pretty good for the morning glory vines, though. They are just at the point where they are making the horizontal turn on the string trellis, if they would turn horizontal, that is. They keep righting themselves and heading for the sky. Irksome.

I am happy to be home, in spite of the rain. Something extra was added to last night’s arrival at Newark Liberty. That astonishing first impression as you walk out of the terminal door – redolent with the stank of bum piss and weighted with supersaturating humidity – now has something new added: goose poop on the sidewalks.


AFTERNOON UPDATE: The sun never exactly appeared today but there was a weak kind of almost-shadow business going on for a moment. I know this picture doesn’t thrill anyone but me, but I don’t care. The leaves have ittle bug bite holes in them and who knows if the thing is going to last all summer? I need t get this on the record.

The red begonias are starting to take off and exhibit their customary exuberance and the wireless illuminated flamingo seems unharmed by all of the rain. The dog likes to chill out in this area of the deck (to maximize the chances of having somebody trip over him on the way to the door) but I’m getting a bad vibe that he is developing a resistance to posing for pictures.



2 thoughts on “Like England But With More Rain

  1. It DID in fact rain the entire time you were away. As a guy in the water supply business this is good news. As a guy who likes to hang around on the patio and goof off, bad news.
    It also means that lawn mowing becomes an obsession. When? Is it too wet still? Etc. This may be abetted by the fact that most of the people up this way who don’t have a lawn service go out and buy humongous tractors or those landscaper ride-ons that turn on a dime.
    With that kind of investment you mow often. It’s like owning a boat. You feel you have to use it.
    I’d post a photo of our latest foster dog, but she’s a Jack Russell and never stays still long enough.

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