Fashion Report From France

Michelle Obama Arrives in Paris
Invents Scarf-Wearing

Chicago mob

Dateline Paris June 5, 2009 – World Famous  Fashion Icon and Busy Mom Michelle Obama™ arrived in Paris today with as many relatives and hangers-on as could fit on one plane after the luggage was loaded. The city of Paris was beside itself as the Obama gals surprised the Eiffel Tower with a visit that was arranged for the sole purpose of showing off Michelle’s latest fashion invention: wearing a scarf.

Michelle was accompanied by her giant 10 year old daughter and enormous 12 year old niece as well as other, shorter relatives. Full-time professional make-up artist Ingrid Grimes-Myles was on permanent standby for touch-ups in case the face paint cracks. Grimes-Myles has become an indispensable member of the first lady’s entourage because she is the only one who has managed to balance out the little eye situation by drawing only half an eyebrow over the big eye.


Other fashion high-notes on display include a popped collar for
Malaria and the tail from an actual pony stuck onto the back of little
Sashay’s head. The first lady pulled out another pair of $540.00
Lanvin sneakers
for this trip- this time in green – possibly signaling
her intention to ladle out $216.00 prix-fixe dinners from Le Jules
Verne food bank located upstairs in the Eiffel Tower.


First Lady Brings Chicago Style to International Stage
Big and Bumpy

Wwf belt

Dateline Normandy  June 6, 2009 Michelle Obama took the petite French First Lady  to school by showing her up with a display of her big American style elements. First she strapped a WWF wrestling belt around her ribcage and complemented its metallic finish with matching strappy sandals.

Squeezeme shoes

Some fashionistas have mistakenly attributed this highly desirable “Squeeze-Me Michelle” look in footwear to the fact that these shoes are manufactured only as big as size 12 and cannot accommodate Michelle’s gigantic feet, but that is not true. This trend is all the rage in Chicago as it emulates the mysterious and alluring “6th toe” look first made popular by Oprah Winfrey.

Big butt

World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom Michelle Obama™ could not resist showcasing her biggest asset on the international stage. In the battle of the butts, she completely eclipsed the trim Mme. Sarkozy.


4 thoughts on “Fashion Report From France

  1. HOW MANY people are on that trip? You only hear about “Michelle and her daughters” but it looks like quite a crowd is along for the (free) ride.

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