A Visit From The Easter Bunnybutt

Sunday afternoon – the bellies were full, the weather was warm and the Easter Bunnybutt appeared in a suburban  New Jersey backyard.

He could care less about retrieving tennis balls, but he cannot let the presence of a herdable ball in his backyard go unchallenged.
.Kitten ball

Especially if it’s the not-too-be-tolerated KITTEN BALL.

Moment of collapse

He looks like he might be considering taking a rest but it’s a trick. See how only his head is on the ground? He’s actually wiggling himself inch by inch along the ground into the forbidden former flower bed/future rosebush bed to dig a hole.


Stedman, a full grown adult corgi. Magnifico.


5 thoughts on “A Visit From The Easter Bunnybutt

  1. Corgis, gotta love ’em. My two have had a roudy, happy day chasing frisbees and balls in the glorious sunshine too. Now they are out cold.

  2. Steddy,
    Thank God you are where you are right now — YOU could have wound up with you know who in the White House .. ucky

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