Lamb for Easter

It remains to be seen if there will be a butter lamb here tomorrow or not. I can guarantee , however, that there definately will be a Lamb Cake.

Somehow, I find myself in alien territory for the big holidays. My go-to vision for any of the biggie dinners starts with a base of kielbasi, potato salad, cole slaw and baked beans. For Thanksgiving, add one turkey. For Easter, add one ham. For Xmas, make twice as much kielbasi. But a holiday meal where it’s only The Hub and the daughter does not include any of this. Where did they come from? I know that Sami is stuck on the foods of his childhood and in general is a late adopter of anything that was not available in Egypt before 1969, so that’s perfectly understandable. But her – she’s got my kieibasi-craving blood coursing through her veins. It’s a heartbreak.

So over time, our traditional Easter meal has evolved into a pan of stuffed shells, a salad and some garlic bread. For dessert, some  Easter bread and a 3-D lamb cake. My daughter makes a red velvet cake to make it appears really slaughtered when you cut into it. The effect is somewhat tempered by the fact that we own a cartoonish semi-vintage lamb cake pan instead of the more desirable realistic very vintage lamb cake pan.

2105-2010 Y9DoThnOx6af1DI

undesirable, but ours                                          desirable, but elusive

The cake we make looks more like a little poodle sitting on the table than a lamb. Perhaps there will be pictures of the actual cake later.


4 thoughts on “Lamb for Easter

  1. My mother has one of those traditional lamb cake pans. As I recall, it’s exactly like the one pictured on the right.
    I also recall her making exactly one Easter lamb cake with it when I was a kid and using coconut as a frosting garnish. This would have been acceptable if the cake itself had been chocolate… but since the cake was white, the frosting was white and then there was coconut to deal with… I considered it only marginally acceptable. LOL.

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