All Critics Great and Small

The dog has matured to the point where he can spend several well-behaved hours in the family room with us. There are still lapses in civilized behavior but for the most part, he can sit next to me while I read a book without trying to chew the cover and he no longer tries to stick his nose into anybody’s coffee cup. Mostly he chews on a Nylabone and waits for an unguarded tissue to rip apart, but lately he seems to be taking an interest in the TV now.

Stedman likes: Gilmore Girls, Fox News.

Stedman actively dislikes: Lawrence of Arabia.

Here he is with his eyes glued to the one show that never gets tired for him – Mr. Sami.

Daddy and dog2  Daddy and dog3

I thought it would be amusing to watch Lawrence of Arabia with Sami since he has such strong (negative) opinions about the Saudis, the Turks and the British Empire as a whole.We never got around to any of that because I forgot about his extreme dislike for Omar Sharif, who Sami considers to be a betrayer of Christianity and an badmouther of America.

Things escalated pretty quickly and the dog had strong objections to the swelling background music. The whole experience didn’t last 10 minutes. Once we turned off the movie, Stedman was more entertained with the vigil he was holding for a paper napkin that had slipped to the floor.

Couch dog

Today we try Trading Spouses. The dog seems mildly amused by that show.


3 thoughts on “All Critics Great and Small

  1. I’ve a brace of parrots who react very badly to the sound of Billy Mayes (Oxiclean, et al, spokesperson). I immediately have to change the channel to avoid their mobbing the television screen. Can’t say that I blame them – he bugs the hell out of me, too.

  2. I see Sami is still sticking with the gray on gray ensemble. If you find something that works, ride it. Or is he trying to mimic stainless steel?

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