Let’s Go For A Ride, Canine Edition

It must have been Single Dad day at the dog park today because all the toddlers were in the big dog pen with the 100+ pound canines. Stedman did much better in terms of socializing. Found a few dogs to sniff and after about  20 minutes, he found a kindred spirit to jump up and bang bang faces with over and over.  I almost cried with happiness.

He did okay on the ride over. I put him in the cargo section of my sport ute and there wasn’t much activity going on during the drive over. It was on the way back that he felt empowered to claim the whole car as his own. Here he is about to go over into the back seat.


At this moment he was like the proverbial – how do you say… fence turtle? – with all legs in the air. He’s so smart, though – he stuck that tongue out as far as it would go and that threw his center of gravity forward until he achieved his objective.

I never cared much for those back seat headrests and usually took them off and stored them rather then have them obscure my field of vision. This model has low-profile headrests that ride low so I never moved them. Until today, when I found out they make …


… an excellent mobile dog prison. It takes 15 minutes to drive home from the dog park and 5 of those were nothing but blissful peace of mind and silence. And then he realized that he got the short end of our brief interaction.


I remember now when the kids were small, I believed that I was constantly monitoring them and no mother in history was more vigilant than I. In fact, my vigilance was a point of pride for me. But then, I’d turn around and one of them would be submerged beneath the Mr Bubble and the other one would be swallowing quarters.

So, I don’t know – maybe it’s me? And time didn’t make me any quicker, either. If he’s got to travel around inside a mobile dog prison for both of our sakes, then so be it.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Go For A Ride, Canine Edition

  1. gus loves the big dogs at the park, the rowdier the better. fiona loves the little white poodly dogs, the prissier the better : )

  2. 20 stacked up bags of mulch and soil won’t keep Dogliness from breaching the cockpit, so the pilot is now, uh-heh, armed: I simply extend my entire right ARM as I drive (arm barrier) and let the 85 lbs of dog mass bear down on what’s left of my elbow joint. All the while I’m going, “Back! Stay back! Back I say, you demon hound!” If I take my arm down for even a second, the tongue comes out and slurps on whatever’s in the cupholder area.

  3. Funny, dog prison.
    In my area I keep seeing hurt animals in our mountain area because of lack of restraint. This sparked a short article on the topic that you might find of interest so I include it in my info above.
    I am new to the canine carnival and am happy to have found your amusing post.
    Corgies are such little characters!
    We had a bunch at the exotic animal ranch I worked at.
    Look forward to reading more about Stedman.

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