Tale of Woe In One Sentence

Once upon a time there was a little dog who got his teeth brushed with beef-flavored toothpaste and he liked it so much that when he was alone in the kitchen he jumped up onto the table looking for more but he couldn't find any so he ate all the mail including an application for an absentee ballot to vote.

6 thoughts on “Tale of Woe In One Sentence”

  1. See? Now you won’t be able to cancel out my vote.
    Good dog, Stedman; good dog!!!
    (In all seriousness, the puppy photos make my day.)

  2. If one keeps the toothpaste in the same basket one keeps the dreaded nail clippers in, said puppers is not likely to do anything to get any closer to the toothpaste! For fear mom might decide the toenails need a little attention 🙂 God forbid!!! In fact when mom reaches for anything at all kept in the same basket, puppers is (are) very likely to completely disappear…

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