Code of the Red-headed Troublemakers

The Moment Before My Favorite Gardening Glove Went Into the Abyss
[I wanted a tri-color dog, but I forgot to specify that I wanted the three colors to keep to themselves instead of blotching all over the place.
Is there such a thing as a calico dog?]

Alright. Maybe I was eating dirt. What’s the big deal? No harm done.

Go ahead. Keep me up on the deck. I’ll just chew on the furniture for a while.
Or maybe I’ll jump right down on your head, you picture- taker.
Hey,where’s that other glove?

9 thoughts on “Code of the Red-headed Troublemakers”

  1. Aww! So nice to see Stedman. Pepper Dog returned home yesterday after being gone for a week. I missed her! She’s depressed, however, to be back home. Partied too hearty at her Aunt’s home, the beyatch.

  2. Could be worse, could eat horse poop al la Gus and Fiona. Can you say “brush those nasty teeth!”
    ps I’m here 🙂

  3. He’s just way too cute for me; I’d have to take him everywhere I went, draped as if he were the finest mink over my shoulders.

  4. Awwww… Magnus would love you to come here and be his seeing eye puppy. Yes, Stedman, Mag is almost totally blind now. Add a senile 19 year old cat to the mix and there you have it: Geriatric Animal House at Carson Lane.
    p.s. Mag will be 11 years old on Friday.

  5. When Dogliness was a puppy, she stood on the deck, kinda like Stedman in that last pic, and we were all way down in the yard going, “No WAY would she ever suddenly go berserk and launch herself off a deck 12 feet off the lawn.

  6. Yep, Stedman’s markings are remarkably similar to those on my calico kitty. I think they could be related (and the car-howling tends to prove the point).

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