I have a pony tail now.

Or I have one when I want to make one. It’s 2 1/2 inches long so I only really want it when I am dying of oppressive heat. Which is (a) when I am in Nashville and (b) when I am rooting round along the back property line, yanking out poison ivy vines.

Nashville was a real swamp, weatherwise,  last week. My glamorous lifestyle will take me back there next week. In between, I’ll be pulling weeds and chasing a little dog around who is determined to snatch away every manor of shoe, towel and paper he can get to ahead of me. Which is all of them. this is an activity that creates a lot of extra heat and so I will be practicing my pony tail skills every day from now on.

Modern pony tail technology is helping me to achieve my cool and breezy new hairdo. I’ve got 24 little black bands, 4 hair combs, 2 hair clips, a Teeni Hairdini which I haven’t tried out yet, and a baseball cap with a hole in the back. I was thinking maybe I’d get one of those stretchy rings of polyester hair  to put around my pony tail to beef it up, or possibly some dome hair.

All ideas are possible and still under consideration at this time.

2 thoughts on “Options”

  1. Sometimes in the morning when I’m at the computer drinking my latte I get all sweaty and hot as I read blogs and try to post on my own blog, so I just grab a pencil from my holder and kinda twirl up my hair and jam the pencil in to hold it all up like that chopstick trick you see young girls do sometimes. It holds my hair up in a makeshift lead-filled bun until I can get a real ponytail holder in there later like a halfway sane person.
    Should I cross-post this on Iamneurotic.com?

  2. I haven’t seen “dome hair” since we walked the boards in Long Branch in the 60’s.
    My sister used to plop it on top of her head, put the blue eyeshadow on and swing her white marshmellow purse.
    Those were the good old days…..

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