replay from July 31, 2006

I do not endorse; neither do I discourage. I simply report:

From Our Department of It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time – Pepto Bismol Ice Cream. Mmmmm … Pepto.

Pb_ic“I am a long-time user of Pepto-Bismol. I like the fact that it is extremely pink, and find it very useful for coping with alcohol-induced bouts of digestive trauma. But can you cook with Pepto-Bismol? I am thinking of making some Pepto-Bismol ice-cream, and want to know if there are any dangers involved.”
link: blogjam dot com 

Click the link for a photodocumentary of the making of Pepto Bismol Ice Cream and the taste test. FYI – it’s a hangover cure.

Spoiler: thank goodness the ingredients include vanilla. Without it, this could very have been … I don’t know – gross?

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