Stop Drop and Grind

Stand#1. He spends most of his time on his hind legs. Old Bob was a horizontal canine for all the years that I knew him. This one is part corgi; part circus dog. You deserve a more complete picture than this one where he’s trying to climb onto the patio furniture, but at least he’s stationary in this shot. Moments later, he abandoned the plan and settled for licking the underside of the table.

Nose #2. There is very little hope that his nose hair will grow back anytime soon unless he gives up this kind of pitiful activity. FYI – we were sitting on a 16 X 24 ft outdoor deck, but he chose to act the prisoner. I swear I did not have him penned up. He just likes to do this. Because he’s a perv.

#3. When I imagined life with a puppy, I knew that he would have more energy than I did. I visualized that energy as something along the lines of the non-stop gumming of a squeak toy or perhaps taking a vigilant stance when a blue bird fluttered too near.. I certainly didn’t envision this from 6 am to 11pm with only the most grudging breaks for food and poops.

Stedman and his Disney Princess Ball

UPDATE: Early this morning before anyone else was up, I gave him a bath with baby powder-scented puppy shampoo. Now I have to pack a bag for him because he’s going to a Puppy Party today.


7 thoughts on “Stop Drop and Grind

  1. He is the cutest pup… ever! How do you stand it? How do you resist just noshing on his sweet little legs?
    Yeah, overboard. I know. But he’s too much.
    And that energy level? Bree was like that and at a year and a half in she’s only calmed down a bit… 😉

  2. Imagine the same energy level (finding that nice, smelly spot and rolling in it; still chuckling) in an 85 pound Golden Retriever.
    The pink ball would also be in a zillion gnarly pieces.

  3. Makes me remember when Gus was a puppy. They grow up way to quickly! Think I’ll take Gus and Fiona out to play in the back yard now. Corgis rule.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this day for years, now. You do remember ragging me for posting video of our trip to China?
    Well . . . well, nothing, I guess.
    Cute dog.

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