Puppy #6

And this is our new dog.


Let the aww-ing begin..

UPDATE ABOUT THE NAME: The dog does not yet have a name. This is our third dog – our son named the first one, I named the second one so our daughter gets to name the this one. She has definite ideas about what is a good name. So far, the only names she has put forward are “Stedman” and “Pot Roast”.


39 thoughts on “Puppy #6”

  1. Just in case you need to be told, that’s a Red-headed Tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi male.
    With big ears.

  2. Awwww … so adorable! I am very, very happy for you! Yay! Congratulations to you and the family. (He’s one lucky pup!)

  3. Awwww … so adorable! I am very, very happy for you! Yay! Congratulations to you and the family. (He’s one lucky pup!)

  4. I’m awwwww-ing all over the place. Kvelling, too. Best big ears I’ve seen, ever. Congratulations!
    So are we gonna have a naming contest? Or is he just automatically “B.J.” (Bob, Jr.)?

  5. ‘Pot Roast’? ROFL!
    Came over to see if our little love has a name yet… but PR? May as well name him Ground Chuck.
    Hey, Chuck’s not bad…. After Heston… 😀 Yeah, I know she gets to name him…

  6. I like Pot Roast! Standing on the front porch hollering, “Pot Roast! Here Pot Roast! Come on Pot!” Yeah, the neighbors will luv it!
    What a cutie pie! Like Pam said, sweet puppy breath and those little puppy buddah bellies are my favoritest parts! (And all the kisses they delight in giving!)
    Congratulations Puppy on a great new home!

  7. I think The Daughter should name him Gizmo, on accounta because he looks just like the little guy from Gremlins. Pot Roast is a nice name, too, but does she have something against Brisket?

  8. I LOVE him…he is adorable…and looks like a Stedman to me! congrats…any chance of sneaking him to Nashville next month??!!!

  9. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The adorability unspeeches me! I say you call him Lekvar the Superpuppy, Prince of All He Gnaws.

  10. How deliciously adorable! If you need a dogsitter, count me in. Congratulations–I know you’ve been pining…

  11. The puppy pic sucked me over here from Joan’s blog. I can think of another thing with big ears, but you probably don’t want to name him that …

  12. … BTW “Radar” does seem to fit – (like it did that character on M*A*S*H). He could be “Ray” for short.

  13. Enough of the ears already – by those standards he could only be named Dumbeaux and would have to get clearance from the FAA, but I digress…
    I fully expect him to be given a dignified name to suit his impending adult dognity, like Pilot P. Puddler (piles it here, puddles it there and everywhere), or Dammit, like our big 80 pound galoot.
    (Yes, I’ll confess, I resisted mightily, but aawwwwwed anyway.)

  14. I’m glad you stooped to your baser canine needs and got him. He’s very cute. Congratulations. I like Radar. That’s a good name.

  15. …. my Wife says that he should be called “Grover”….. something about listening for truffles in vineyards or something…. I can’t tell….
    … cute doggie, though….. I vote for Radar…..

  16. Enough of the ears already – it can only lead to naming him Dumbeaux and getting him cleared by the FAA, but I digress…
    Confur upon him a dognified name that suits the adult dognity he will attain, like Pilot P. Puddler (for piling it here and there and puddling everywhere) or Dammit, like our 80 pound Golden Galoothound.
    (Yes, I confess, though I resisted mightily, I awwwwwwwed.)

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