Strange (Flower)Bedfellows

I'm very busy obsessing/trying not to obsess over my dogless situation. It takes up all my time. Political news is too boring without Hillary's pantsuit to kick around. But celebrity news never stops.Today's Focus on Fame is the unlikley paring of Chevy Chase and Martha Stewart:

Chevy Chase Attends Martha Stewart's Peony Party

"Most of the guests photographed seem to be Ms. Stewart's employees:
her housekeeper Lily, stylist Tom Borgese, gardeners Kim, George, and
Erika, her chef Pierre, Mary the personal trainer, property director
Mike Fiore, assistant Kate, and seven Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
employees including chairman Charles Koppelman.Oh, but wait! Who's that tall man in a denim jacket chatting up the crowd? Why, it's Chevy Chase!"

                                            via New York Observer

Putting rest to the common wisdom that men age better than women, Old Chevy is not looking all that good. Appearing older than his years, the best way I can describe him is that he looks like a chubby skeleton up to no good.And look at old Martha's fertile ground to peony ratio. Peony bloom season is about 2 weeks tops – doesn't that seem like an awful lot of land devoted to plants with such a short season?

Al Gore's got nothing better to do now that his lobal warming schtick is dented by shots fired by the cannons of truth and reason. Maybe he should look into this imprudent use of arable land. Here's an idea: Hopie can appoint him Flower Czar as a reward for the meaningless endorsement of his candidacy yesterday. Why not? Uncle Al's got all that tobacco farming experience. And now that he's given up on ever finding his tear ducts under all that face fat, he's got a lot of time on his hands.

4 thoughts on “Strange (Flower)Bedfellows”

  1. Wait wait wait wait wait wait…
    Are we supposed to believe That Chevy Chase has overtaken Seattle resident and Microsoft billionaire Charles Simone in the race for Martha’s affections? Has she really invited CC up to the house to see her etchings and prison tats or even – God forbid – where the horse bit her?
    And BTW I bask in the wisdom of The Goricle. In fact – he was my write-in vote at WA state caucus back in February.

  2. Nothing is more sad than an aging pixie. That’s most of us convert to grumpy instead. It fits our looks better.
    Mr. Greenjeans has taken some hits recently on his ancestral home: one of the biggest carbon footprint stomps in the Western Hemisphere. Pops’ affection for him not withstanding.

  3. Wow. When I saw that picture of Chevy, I totally didn’t recognize him. I thought, “Why is Suzette putting up a picture of some old politician when she’s talking about Chevy Chase?” But upon closer inspection, I realized that it *is* Chevy. OMG! What happened to him?!

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