Pots of Glory

I cried because I had no morning glories until I met a man who had no twine. Amend that to say “married a man who had no twine”.

Morning pot
Last year, the morning glories that I planted to cover the side fence were an embarrassing disappointment. This year, I tried growing them in a large deck pot which resulted in a plentiful and abundant crop. There are a few moonflowers in there, too.

My plan is to use twine as a vine support  by tieing it to the black wire stand and running it up and across the rain gutter. I’m a few days past implementing that plan due to the aforementioned lack of twine and today, I’m starting to fret that the 5 ” per day growth rate is going ot get ahead of my procrastination and the vines will wrap around each other and ruin my whole plan.

I am powerless to do anything about it today – even if I did have twine – because it’s Thursday and you know what that means. I am not available. So just like the rest of my garden, if the flowers on the deck plan on surviving, they will have to take care of themselves.

Side note: how many plants do you suppose a pot like that can support for the summer? It’s 16″ wide and 12″ deep. I’m thinking 2 moonflowers and 5 morning glories. Should it be more or less?

3 thoughts on “Pots of Glory”

  1. holy crap. theres some string upstairs in a paper filing box full of craft supplies in my room. it is that cotton thread we tie newspapers with.

  2. I don’t nothin’ ’bout grownin’ no plants…and why might you wonder am I even commenting? Well, I wanted to suggest that maybe using fishing line might be more attractive than twine. Mr. Sami got fishing line?

  3. Ah morning glories. My love for them will never diminish! At our first house, I had the running up each side of the front porch. They would form “walls” and we felt we had a new room in which to sip our wine and talk all night.
    I miss that house!

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