Internet Presence

Whatever is going on with Typepad, them with their fancy rich text opitons, it's already too long to still be struggling with the annoying little lapses between formatting and appearance in the text box. I suppose I could explain myself further, but I am too annoyed. If you use Typepad, you know what I mean.

After a week or so Twittering and Plurking, I have to say that the pressure I feel to post in those formats is far greater than I ever felt to produce a blogpost. If others feel the same pressure, that might account for the overall  lameness of what goes on there. It's slower and less satisfying than group IMs,  more meandering than email and and harder to direct than the flow of blog post comments.

So: I came. I saw. I grew bored.

3 thoughts on “Internet Presence”

  1. ….sniff …. sniff
    You’re …. you’re leaving?
    But but but who will I Tweet about deer carcasses with now?

  2. I personally, were I to get all techno-advanced (soon as these monkey flap their way out of my arse), I’d have to go with Twitter. I am rarely called a Plurk.

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